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Motorola reportedly to ship 700,000-800,000 Xoom tablets in first quarter of 2011

Fresh off of CES 2011, the anticipation for the Motorola Xoom probably couldn't be any higher, and many of us here think it was one of the best showings at CES. Motorola apparently shares that excitement. According to DigiTimes, Motorola is expecting to launch between 700,000 and 800,000 Xooms in the first quarter of 2011. That's a hefty amount for the first three months of the year, especially considering the Xoom isn't immediately available. If Motorola hits that target and sales stay at a constant, we could be looking at over 3 million Xoom shipped by years end.  

Now, shipped units and sold units are different figures, so we will have to keep an eye on both going into the future, but Motorola obviously expects to be selling a lot of these, and we can't really blame them. Be sure to sound off in our Xoom Forums and share you thoughts with us! [via DigiTimes

  • I WANT THIS BAD!! come on Motorola!
  • One of those 800,000 is coming to my house :)
  • I can guarantee they've got a contract with Verizon for that many. It's a pretty standard exclusivity agreement..."we won't sell to another carrier in North America, we won't release a WiFi-only version in North America, but in return you buy 800k up front at a nice price".
  • Sadly though, people will REALLY be wanting the WiFi only version of this real soon, even VZW customers. With that other phone coming to the network in the near future, watch as Big Red's network starts acting an awful lot like Big Blue's network.
  • Highly agree. I REFUSE to pay another cellular bill. My Epic has a mobile Hotspot with unlimited data. I think I'll use that, and the wifi on both at home and at work. If VZ tried to corner us in getting Moto to only offer a 3G/4G version in the US, I'm going to be Pissed! I'll have one imported.
  • if the WIFI only version comes out in Q1 then you can add +1 to those sales numbers. :)
  • Exactly. I think they can hit these numbers if WiFi only units are included.
  • If there is wifi only im in if not i will wait...tired of having another contract!
  • Everyone calm down. Just buy it off-contract. Boom; wifi version.
  • WRONG! Buy it off-contract and it will be at least 25% more expensive than a similar device that is WiFi-only by design. Watch and see....
  • Facts or fail.
  • As I said- "watch and see". It is simple economics via a lack of competition in action. You can see the effect in the Tab already by comparing it to similar devices not locked into a carrier.
  • Time will tell. If the price is lower than the ipad that will help defeat the ipads name recognition. If customers go to stores and see the Tab, iPad and Xoom next to each other the choice will be obvious, Book Color. JK
  • I will buy this either off contract or if they offer a WiFi version. Someone must be crazy if they think people are going to be put on a contract for this.
  • I think I will be ditching my smartphone for this tablet with a dataplan on this instead of my phone. I will just use skype or some service like that to get calls on the tablet and use a bluetooth headset to make and receive calls. If I cannot do that for some reason I will still ditch the smartphone for a cheap dumbphone just for phone calls and have the tablet with data plan cause that would go with me everywhere anyways. Seems better to not have a smartphone and have a xoom instead.
  • I can't see dragging around a 10" tablet "everywhere I go". You are a lot more adventurous than I am :)
  • We all say we're going to ONLY buy the XOOM w/WIFI and we won't pay another data plan. The facts are big red KNOWS we'll pay, just as we've paid before. I'm not happy about it, but I'm going to pay. I had a c rappy viewsonic tablet (got my Staples refund) and have the tablet bug. Fast throughput, portability, WIFI goodness will get me off the WINDOWS teet forever. Think about it, when your phone rings you want the current functionality and you won't go back to a non-smartphone device. When you're on the couch and don't want to fumble with the netbook/laptop, you'll have your wonderful new tablet to watch your p orn. Case closed.
  • *WRONG*! For one, only SOME people are on Verizon, those that are not are probably not going to open a Verizon account just to buy a Xoom. And regardless of who is our carrier for phone, most people feel they are already being raped by HUGE fees for their phone and are not going to pay for yet another device. And this is especially true for those who are usually in WiFi areas. And even more true for those who can already tether to their phone (which they carry already). Not to mention a non-WiFi-Only tablet is going to be much more expensive because it is locked to a carrier. No thanks. If you think people are complaining for WiFi-only for no valid reason.... think again!
  • Opinions are like .... well you get it. Facts or fail.
  • Right. Well, it is kinda hard to gather facts on something specific that doesn't exist yet. As before, watch and see. Simple rules of economics- supply, demand, competition. Carrier lock-in = higher prices.
  • I would get a wifi only one. The only thing is I really don't need it. I have my awesome gaming desktop that I built, a Dell Mini, and a Samsung Captivate. As cool as the Xoom is, I don't see any time I would actually use it.
  • Tablets are not about "need", they are pretty much about "want".
  • No WiFi-only Xoom = no Xoom for me!
  • I won't be getting one if it doesn't come in a wifi only version
  • I'll get one, if it arrives in EU in Q1.