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Motorola posts bootloader unlock for Moto X on Sprint, US Cellular

Making good on its promise from over a month ago, Motorola has just posted bootloader unlocks on its support site for several models of the Moto X. Joining many other popular Motorola devices are the Moto X variants for Sprint and US Cellular here in the states, alongside the variants for Latin America and Rogers in Canada.

The timing is just right, as both Sprint and US Cellular have just put their models on sale. As for AT&T and Verizon, Motorola has indicated previously that it will not be offering a bootloader unlock and will instead offer developer editions for use on these carriers.

If you choose to go ahead with the bootloader unlock from Motorola, you'll be voiding your device's warranty so make sure you clearly understand the pros and cons of the decision before you make it. If you do want to go on through with it, head to the source link below for more information.

Source: Motorola (opens in new tab)

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  • This shows how evil AT&T and Verizon really are. There actually is no real need for developer editions. Users should be able to unlock the bootloaders of their phones at any time.
  • They should all just be unlocked from the getgo. When you buy the phone, you sign a two year contract. In other words, you're forced to pay off the phone one way or another. There's no reason for phones to be locked. Posted via Android Central App
  • Except until you've paid off the phone, you don't actually own it. Look at the logo on the back of the device, that carrier owns the phone and they dictate what you can and can't do on their network. They have the right to set the rules in their playground. If you don't like it, you can leave, but you can't argue that they have the right to choose what goes on on their airwaves.
  • Yes, but if you unlock your bootloader you could cause personal injury to yourself and/or take down the carriers entire network. Posted via my thumb(s) and the Submit button
  • Bologna
  • I want one!
  • Verizon to offer a Dev. Edition? Posted via Android Central App
  • Thats what Motorola is saying.
  • How you folks support those two Evil Empires is beyond me..
    What a Gosh Darn Ripooff of "Choice" for their consumers.
    Talk about "My Way or the Highway".. :-)
    You SUCK Verizon & You SUCK AT&T.
    _________________________________________________________________ T-Mobile.. Forever.
  • Unfortunately where I live it is basically only vzw and att. You can get T-Mobile and sprint "service" here, but it's spotty at best......
  • T-Mobile service is fine in my area, but in my house, it's a complete dead spot. AT&T is the only carrier that penetrates my house's external walls, which I assume are made of pure fucking uranium.
  • I hear this a lot.. the spotty signals at home.. I have it as well. but what a lot of folks don't realize is, if you buy a T-Mobile based phone you get Wi-Fi calling. Most folks have a home network these days.. and a T-Mobile phone will use your Wi-Fi to boost signal and give you back the signal loss you may experience due to location.. and if you have the right plans, you do not use your minutes while using Wi-Fi calling.. It's seamless, it auto activates when you come in range of any designated Wi-Fi Spots and deactivates once you leave that Wi-Fi Network..
  • Wifi calling is not included on the T-Mobile Moto X.
  • Wifi calling does me just fine. I barely have coverage at home. Plus the voice quality jumps to HD when using.
  • I can't speak for T-Mobile, but I know that if you call Sprint and complain about not getting coverage at home, they will send you an Airave free of charge. It is basically a mini cell for your house that uses your internet connection to connect to the nearest tower. They sent me one, and also a friend of mine. It covers about 5000 square feet, and works pretty well (in fact, I had to set it up to only allow my cell and my wife's cell because our neighbors phones were actually connecting to it. I live in a townhouse close to some power lines, and reception in my building is horrible on any network)
  • I can comment on T-Mobile, at least in my Sacramento neighborhood, northeast of Watt Avenue and El Camino Avenue.
    The house I live in is surrounded by T-Mobile towers but I only get Edge data signal, and frequently I get nothing.
    While WiFi calling is fine, I rarely call. I want LTE data speeds, which are nearby but not at home. That's what I'm posting for on T-Mobile's $30 monthly plan. When I complained about the frequent lose of signal and awful data speeds, aCSR embarked me and said she would submit a request for an engineering review of my location. That was nice but nothing changed. Meanwhile, I decided to try AT&T, and I get 2 bars of LTE at home, but for twice the cost. I didn't pay cash for an HTC One Google Play edition to get Edge data speed. Having said all of this, I'm moving next year, and it'll be where T-Mo has LTE so I can get the $30 plan. Posted via Android Central App
  • Had a tower myself that sprint sent me and it was a p.o.s...sprints service is just plain crap in my opinion. I made the switch to Verizon and haven't regretted it one bit. sprints unlmtd data wasn't worth a damn at all and their LTE around here still isn't working right after 4 months or better, in fact its made they're service even worse!! sprints a sinking ship and I haven't had one regret leaving them. Verizon might make try n make they're phones harder to unlock(boot loader) but all in all I have service that's impeccable and sprint can't hold a candle to Verizon...or any other provider for that matter.
  • You know what I agree, but T-Mobile has no service at all in Deltaville VA and Verizon does. I would switch to T-Mobile in a heartbeat if they improved their signal.
  • Sprint...., I love you!
    Unlimited tethering on my rooted GSIII powers my tablet and PS3. Posted via Android Central Beta Tablet App!
    Hisense Sero 7 Pro
  • Where the heck is the play version or the unlocked version or the T-Mobile version, whatever that will be called. Not sure what the heck the delay is about. It just has to have one additional AWS 1700 hspa band added to the ATT version. Motorola how tough is that? Get your act together before the Nexus 5 and iPhone 5s is released. Posted via Android Central App
  • Nothing new... Android manufacturers can never release phone in a timley manor like Apple. It sucks. Phones should be released all at the same time, no exclusives and no more than 2 weeks after being announced. Why we still don't have the developer edition, T-Mobile or an unlocked one yet is ridiculous. Why Moto decided to give AT&T the 32GB and the color options for a few months is also stupid. Google is also to blame to. Carriers don't tell Apple how to do things but Google and the manufacturers are the carriers bitch. This is honestly some of the things that ruins Android.
  • "Google and the manufacturers are the carriers bitch" Hmm yes, that explains how Google got T-Mobile to sell the Nexus 4 with ZERO bloatware. And how they got the phone out in a VERY timely manner.
  • Timely manner? Did you forget the play store fiasco? Google isn't their bitch? OK it came out on T Mobile... What about the other companies? What about how Google wallet gets blocked by carriers? I love Android, I love what Google does but its time to speak the truth.
  • Exactly my feelings.... well said. Posted via Android Central App
  • I could see getting 3 more phones before the end of the year.. hard to imagine a better all 'round device than the X (on ATT here) though.. still.. a guy's gotta do ...etc
    Really wish T-Mob and Sprint had decent coverage around here.. Monterey Bay, CA
    Time for Google to flex and get the carriers to drop the evil BS.. Maybe a free Amazon phone will do the trick.. Go Jeff!
  • hello guys ... how can i buy this phone outside usa with unlocked gsm ?
  • For some reason the morons at Motorola are not yet selling the unlocked version. You can buy the crappy ATT branded version off contract and call them to get it unlocked. If you don't want to deal with them for unlock code you can find online sites who can unlock. Best bet is if you know someone in US to do this for you and then send it over to you.
  • Figures. Just as I'm leaving Sprint for Verizon due to a new job out of state.