Is this the Motorola Olympus?

Behold, the Motorola Olympus? Perhaps. This may well be the rumored Tegra 2-powered smartphone from Motorola. The Olympus name's been floating around for a while now -- including one likely fake about screen -- with no real proof to back it up. The tipster -- who apparently shopped these pics around a couple of places -- offered no details with the leaked pictures (there's one more after the break), so we've got to go with what we can see.

But let's throw a little more fuel on this fire: We got a tip that Motorola's testing a phone codenamed the Evora -- a fully capacitive, rounded, dual-camera phone -- on AT&T. Which very much fits this bill. Except that the screen you see here looks a lot bigger that the 3.7 inches we were told the Evora sports. So we'll just have to see. [via Engadget]

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Motorla Olympus

Phil Nickinson