Moto G in yellow

Motorola is offering a 10% discount on most of the accessories sold through their online store using the checkout code JUSTBECAUSE10. You can apply this to anything that isn't already on clearance, and if you get $75-worth of gear, you get free shipping. That might be easy considering the Moto X is currently $125 off and Moto X cases are 50% off now too. The promo is running until the end of August, so you've got some time to take advantage.

Head on over to the Motorola online store to take advantage. They've got just about everything there, but Google Chromecast, Motorola Shells, JBL Micro Wireless Speaker, Motorola Buds as well as DECK and TRACKS AIR by SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola products aren't available for the discount. Anyone biting?