Bamboo Moto X

Ebony, teak and walnut will soon join bamboo; early adopters getting a $75 credit

Good news for those of you who want to get your wood (or grass) on for the Moto X. Initially the organic custom backs cost $100 over the price of a traditional custom Moto X. Now, that's been lowered to $25.

And Motorola has now listed the other finishes that will soon be available. In addition to Bamboo, which you can get now and looks ridiculously awesome, you'll also be able to order ebony, teak and walnut. The new flavors will be available Jan. 21.

For those of us who ordered Bamboo Moto Xs first thing, Motorola's offering up a $75 credit that can be used on anything other than a Chromecast through midnight Jan. 31 from Motorola directly.

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