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Motorola i1Q headed to Sprint Nextel?

If you're on Nextel and have a hankering for some a physical QWERTY keyboard, it looks like relief might one day be in sight. The Motorola i1q (a follow-up to the also-rugged Motorola i1 on Nextel) appears to be a fairly rugged device, with full physical buttons -- including menu, home, back and call/end. It's said to be rocking Android 2.1 on a slow processor -- no great surprise -- but "manufacturing is quite robust."

No word about when we may see this guy drop, but we could see a lot of you in the field rocking this guy. There's one more pic after the break. [via Grupoandroid] Thanks, Andres!

Motorola i1q

  • Why Android 2.1? They could have easily managed at least 2.2 on this device. The Nextel side of the network desperately needs newer devices but I can't help thinking that this will fall flat...since phones like the Evos and Epics are sitting 10 feet away.
  • People still use Nextel
  • I am ALL over that.....
  • sweet.....go for it....looks like the droid pro
  • Iden needs some love too, it sucks to see just low end phones that operate on iden :s
  • I coulda swore Sprint had said not to long ago that they planned on killing iDEN (nextel) PTT's.
  • Well at least its an upgrade from that P.O.S running donut
  • Assuming Moto holds true to their promise of becoming hacker-friendlier, this would've been a device to drool over if it was GSM and CDMA instead of iDEN. I'd love for this form factor to come to CDMA carriers that doesn't rhyme with "horizon", especially to carriers that rhyme with "mint".
  • Expect it in Q1.
  • It really does look like the Droid Pros built cousin.
  • What a surprise! Another crappy phone for Sprint!