Court finds Motorola infringed on MMS patent

Intellectual Ventures also accused Motorola of infringing on a second patent relating to wireless bandwidth, but that patent was invalidated by the jury.

The news comes via Reuters, which also notes that this is the second time the two companies have faced off, with a previous patent trial in 2014 ending in a mistrial.

Speaking to Reuters, a member of Intellectual Venture's counsel was encouraged by today's verdict and looks forward to another trial between the two companies that is set to begin on Thursday:

"We are encouraged by today's verdict," said Melissa Finocchio, IV's chief litigation counsel. "As we look ahead to the next trial, we remain committed to defending inventor rights and protecting the interests of our investors and customers."

Monetary damages in the case have yet to be assessed, and will be declared on a later date.

Source: Reuters

Dan Thorp-Lancaster