Motorola to enable 1080p video recording on the Atrix 4G ... later

When speaking of the Motorola Atrix 4G we kind of have to point out that while the device was shown off at CES it was not fully completed. Changes to the device before and post-launch are to be expected just like any other and Motorola has one rather significant change coming for the Atrix 4G.

As it is today and right into presumably shortly after launch, the Atrix 4G does not have 1080p video recording ability. That's not because it can't do it, it is powered by the dual-core Tegra 2 so it can when Motorola enables it to do so. According to the Motorola website, you won't have to wait all that long to have the ability enabled. Sucks that it won't be there at launch but its still great to know it will be there eventually. [Motorola via Engadget]