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Motorola to enable 1080p video recording on the Atrix 4G ... later

When speaking of the Motorola Atrix 4G we kind of have to point out that while the device was shown off at CES it was not fully completed. Changes to the device before and post-launch are to be expected just like any other and Motorola has one rather significant change coming for the Atrix 4G.

As it is today and right into presumably shortly after launch, the Atrix 4G does not have 1080p video recording ability. That's not because it can't do it, it is powered by the dual-core Tegra 2 so it can when Motorola enables it to do so. According to the Motorola website, you won't have to wait all that long to have the ability enabled. Sucks that it won't be there at launch but its still great to know it will be there eventually. [Motorola via Engadget]

  • I find it weird the manufacturers are doing this a lot.
  • They're trying to make money on sales right away before the product is even complete.
    That's the new lazy american way
  • No so much lazy as overly competitive. They have to get this out first or they will lose their position in the market. 1080P Video is, after all a non essential feature, as long as the rest of the phone and its docking station work well, customers will wait a few months. If they held it back till every feature was complete and finalized nothing would ever get released. The attraction to Android (any smart phone really) is that you can deliver the hardware to people before all elements of the software are perfect, and improve upon it later. This is why the those people pontificating that "It didn't have feature X when you bought it so stop whining" are so utterly and totally out of place in the Android world. This is why car analogies always fail when applied to smartphones.
  • Every time i read something about the Atrix , I want one even more & i just can't until the Summer
    The Atrix is like the ultimate phone\computer , The only thing that i think its missing is some car control (nothing OnStar app or Viper alarms won't fix)
  • That fact sheet has been out since CES and it's always included the notes about the update to 1080p video recording. I guess today is the day all the blogs decided to notice.
  • This better not be a new trend...
  • New trend? You mean like no MMS and no cut and paste and no video AT ALL on the first two Iphones? Oh, wait, there wasn't even APPs at all when iPhone came out. This is not a new trend, and nothing in the computer industry is delivered fully baked. Ever.
  • I still want one, now that my Cappy is starting to shows its true colors...
  • This better happen on the Bionic as well!
  • I like this phone but would never go back to AT&T for any great phone. Was with them for 7 years and in after the iPhone came on board, dropped calls became far too common. Dumped them for Sprint, so the only way I'd ever have this phone is if it came to Sprint.
  • I'll never buy a phone based on something it's supposed to have "soon" again. I bought my Captivate expecting it to get Froyo within two or three months and it's now been over 7 months and still no update in sight. With AT&T in the picture, I expect it will take a similar amount of time to roll out this update for the Atrix. You've been warned.