Motorola Droid X goes public, official announcement coming next week

Welp, there it is. The Motorola Droid X. Not on a plane, not some blurrycam shot. It's 4.4 inches of Motorola goodness, and Engadget managed to score some time with it ahead of an expected launch event on June 23.

Their takeaway? A 4.4-inch -- bigger than the Evo 4G -- screen with Android 2.1 and a new Motoblur-ish skin. Swype's on board (so much for that T-Mobile exclusive), and the keyboard has honest-to-goodness multitouch. Performance is said to be plenty fast, thanks to its 1GHz processor.

It's going to be a battle of heavyweights this summer, we betcha. Peep some hands-on video after the break, and hit up Engadget for the full run-down. [Engadget]

Phil Nickinson
  • So, June 4th was the EVO, this week we can preorder the fruit phone, and in two weeks we get the announcement of the Motorola Droid X Now I see why cell carriers upped there ETF's, too much carrier jumping to keep up with the latest and greatest gadgets. Any chance I could just get a discounted line on all carriers so I don't have to port my number all over??
  • Wouldn't that be nice if you could have one phone number for 5 or 6 phones? The EVO still looks to be the King of Android though because it has a front facing camera and 4G speeds. Plus Sprint's plans are the best, even with the $10 add-on. I also like Sense better than Moto blur and touch Wiz. Hopefully HTC fixes the hardware and software issues with the EVO so I have no excuses to switch phones.
  • Evo never was king ? the X will easily blow the Evo out of the water , network alone it rules
  • I'm curious about your logic.
    Sprint: Cheaper, has a quickly growing 4G network, has unlimited mobile to mobile on any carrier (so you don't even need more than the minimum minutes)
    Verizon: More expensive, 3G only Explain to me again whats so great about Verizon? PS I've yet to find a single area with bad Sprint service since I picked it up on launch day.
  • What's so great about verizon? In a word: coverage. Sprint is great for people who live in a major metropolitan area. Even what would be termed "mid-major" in the broadcast market. However, get out of those areas, and their coverage just isn't there. Out where I live, if you head east out of town, towards the nearest city, they have coverage , although there two or three spots where it drops (or switches to roaming (which means Verizon)) in the 120 miles. Head west, and you are roaming. They have a "future" tower site on their coverage map that will enhance in-town coverage, but it has been showing that way for at least 2 years, with no evidence that construction is actually going to take place. Verizon is the ONLY major carrier with reliable 3G coverage in this area. We'll probably never get 4G out here, I'm resigned to that. Sprint may be on the leading edge of 4G, but they were on the leading edge of 3G too; they just pretty much stopped building out 3G once they got done with the major areas, until pretty much everyone else had 3G practically everywhere. And Verizon still blows everyone's 3G coverage out of the water. there's also Vcast, which is a lifesaver in hotels. And now that NFL is moved over to Verizon, that's another argument, although I personally don't see it as that big of a deal.
  • I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything... but Sprint actually roams off of Verizon towers and Sprint customers don't get charged for it, it was some kind of deal that happened in 2008 when the merger between them and Alltel took place. So technically Verizon and Sprint have the same network about. You'll notice that Sprint and Verizon never bash each other as much as they bash At&t (which we all can agree is the most deceitful network in the U.S.) Just thought you should know... :)
  • If you are trying to compare best network, not even close! Verizon. Even if sprint has the exact same coverage, Verizon is still way better. Better customer support, no doubt. Way better line up of phones. Even if Evo is better, you have Evo, hero, and moment vs. Droid incredible, droid, devour, eris, soon-to-be droid 2 and droid x, and the LG ally. Every phone, from sense, to vanilla, to motoblur. Also, we used to have sprint, and our coverage sucked. Now, with VZW, we literally get it everywhere, so im still confused as to how effectively sprint uses verizon's towers. Plus, if Verizon is worse, why did NFL leave the sprint ship and join verizon? Even the iphone will likely go to Verizon.
  • Dude man, I sell this stuff for a living, as far as I'm concerned Verizon has two good phones, about to be 3... Don't even talk about the ally haha. Anyway's I was just stating the facts, sure sprint has only one superphone right now but I must say, I'm loving it! Also I'm loving getting Verizon's network for around 20 bucks less a month along with 4g... Oh and surprisingly that 4g wifi hotspot comes in handy. I have nothing against Verizon dude. I just don't like paying an arm and a leg for cell service... But hey, I'm in retail, I don't have the money you have...
  • You can with Google Voice!
  • I dunno - I played with an Evo over at the Best Buy and my own verdict was it was just a tad too big for a phone that fits in my pocket, and this Motorola one is even bigger. If the Evo was the same size as the Incredible or my Nexus One I would have switched to Sprint that afternoon.
  • EVO 4G is still King. Sorry.
  • WAITAMINUTE! ...That's the Froyo tip widget! Droid X will have Froyo! ...With Motoblur built on top of it.
  • does it have the option to turn off the moto/ninja blur like with sense??
  • well the Evo so called reign at the top was very short lived LOL But this phone is HUGE , surprised they didnt give it a front facing camera but thats no big deal nor a deal breaker for me . but being 4.4 inches that could very well be my deal breaker as thats what I hated about the Evo , but this looks far better made than the Evo cant wait to see it in person
  • I disagree. I think that Sprint's plan pricing makes the Evo a much better device - at least to my wallet!
  • why is the evo's reign at the top over? close to same specs but has crappy blur , and no front camera?
  • Not to mention no 4G.
  • w
  • Sprints network sucks , front camera who cares , 4 g yeah if you can find it , evo is all hype and worse yet its a crappy HTC device with its crappy battery and construction, you will see when therse 2 phones go head to head , The X will come out on top
  • here is the catch. We sprint users can hop on the verizon network anytime we want for guess how much? Nothing. While they nickle and dime you with their high prices. Lol
  • UH not true , I have accounts with Sprint, verizon and AT&T with my company , Sprint has NO service inside my home and around where I live , verizon I have 3 or 4 bars of 3G , if you can share my network as you state , why doesnt your Sprint phones work where my verizon phones do ?? Thats a load of crap
  • what a crock of lies. Sprint has free roaming and if there is really no signal it will roam on verizon no extra fee. Unless your phone is set to sprint only. Hell my phone has a roam only option. This is common knowledge.
  • No he is right, You can only roam on some verizon towers. Not all of them. Even the ones you do roam on have speed caps. Sprint customers ( including me I have a sprint phone) can't use verizons full network. Only some of it.
  • Actually, you can pretty easily configure (aka trick) a Sprint phone to use the Verizon network for both voice and data, yet is treated as a normal Sprint plan usage. Thus you can get unlimited Verizon via Sprints plan. Look it up, the info is out there.
  • if the info's out there please provide a link and/or trick. isn't the forum for sharing knowledge?
  • Not quite the same specs. The OMAP processor absolutely slaughters the Snapdragon, especially at 1 Ghz.
  • Don't be ignorant, the EVO is a great device, 4G, premium data, front facing camera (video chat, not on Verizon) cheaper plans, Wifi Hotspot, etc.
  • and a crap network , Sprint can only dream they have Verizons network and when LTE is unleashed on the USA , Sprints Wimax will be outdated
  • Ok, thats enough hate out of you sjcea. You don't like Sprint. We get it. But if you happen to live in a sprint 4G city EVO would be the phone for you, and just about the ONLY phone for you. Everwhere else its 3G, and the coverage is not always the best but they have good roaming partners and far less white (no coverage) on their map than AT&T. This is not The iPhone Blog. We don't sit around all day like children bashing other phones, not iPhones, and certainly not Android phones.
    Grow up.
  • I dont spew hate I spew facts , just because you dont like it is not my problem , So are you going to sit there and tell me the Sprint network is best , The Evo would never be a phone for me , I need a phone that can last more than 3 or 4 hours on a single charge , I do live in NY so 4G is available where I live but there is ZERO comparison between Sprint and verizon , I have phones on Sprint , Verizon and AT&T with my company so I know what I am talking about and can compare them at will whenever I wish , and to answer you last comment , thats all everyone does here is bash each others phones , so sorry the EVO guys cant hack it , you make me laugh
  • No. It's only people like YOU that "bash" others phones. I could care less what phone you use. You're disruptive. Unfortunately I have to read your spew while policing the comments to keep the spam and other garbage in check. Here's hoping your internet gets shut off.
  • sjcea=EPIC FAIL
    way to go gbhil!
  • sjcea
    as you can see by all the 1 star ratings on your comments, no one cares what you have to say. Sprint is an awesome network at a better price than the competition. If you want to get nickel and dimed by Verizon then by all means go ahead.
  • sjcea
    as you can see by all the 1 star ratings on your comments, no one cares what you have to say. Sprint is an awesome network at a better price than the competition. If you want to get nickel and dimed by Verizon then by all means go ahead.
  • Duh! 4.4" screen? Also, if it's really 1GHz with OMAP series chipset, that will kick the axx of all snapdragon 1GHz phones! Too bad it does not have qwerty (at least, for me)
  • The Droid 2 which set to launch a couple months after the Droid X has a qwerty keyboard and will also have the 1GHz OMAP processor. Now I'm wondering if the GameGrip controller I have for the Droid will work with the Droid 2. With Verizon's annual upgrade I would be eligible for a new phone Towards the end of November.
  • My HTC Incredible will be on sale as soon as this phone is available on Verizon. I love the Incredible, but am addicted to new gadgets !!
  • I had my G1 for a year my N1 for 6 months and just may have my Evo for less than 30days. Too many new phones can't keep up.....sigh. With the build quality issues that HTC has been having motorola is looking nice and I am real interested in what kind of processor that thing is running.
  • While it is nice and the screen a tenth-of-an-inch bigger than the Evo's screen... The Evo still seemed to have a snappier interface, browser and camera as well. That and the Evo does have a front-facing camera and 4G(limited, but still has it) Not being a hater, but some people are touting around saying it's faster than the Evo (technically: maybe a LITTLE bit, visually: Evo wins)
  • Watch the video again , Evo owner states the droid is faster , gonna be funny watching all the Evo owners cry
  • The screen on the evo is is close to just being too big and the DROID x seems to go over that threshold
  • I don't know, have we hit the "just a bit too big" mark here? Maybe it is just me but it looks like that is a bit much size wise. I LOVE my Evo and love its size but I am unsure I would want it any larger. I also love sense and that UI looked really bad. Of course there are, and will be, many desktop enhancements so that is probably not a major deal. I don't personally like the design, it looks bulky to me but hey everyone is different. I also would not want Verizon so there is that. The good news is though, the more devices we get out there running Android the better for all of us software wise!
  • Indeed! Let the amazing applications come! HTC EVO 4G, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, Motorola Droid, Droid 2 and Droid X all have a WVGA resolution screen or above. Start making those nice looking apps developers! The first awesome game will make your rich... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Will there ever be a day that the same application is better on Android then on the iPhone? :(
  • Just too big? 10th of an inch hardly seems like something to draw the line at... The form factor may start reaching the limit of reasonableness once it reaches the point where it does not fit in a pocket comfortably. I'm not sure we are there yet.
  • Yeah gee nobody would want the best network on Earth , OH no LOL yeah I would rather have 1/2 the network and go to Sprint ???? and are we really going to piss and moan over .1 screen size difference ?? when everyone was calling the Evo to big guys who bought it or wanted it all said its so perfect , now of course its a different story LOL !!!
  • But wait!!!!!!!!! the Dell streak comes to the US next month, doesn't it?
  • It used to be that GSM always had the good handsets and CDMA was playing catch up. Here I'm sitting on ATT suffering and waiting for a subsidized high end Android device :(
  • motorola has a way to mess things up, what's with that bump on the back uggg?
  • I know how stupid r they that they cant just make everything super small!!! it is so stupid that they have to have room to fit everything. OMG WTF 4REAL
  • This is becoming straight hilarious to me as an iPhone hating fanboy (no I don't take it serious...its all fun and games). These bombs keep dropping left and right and will push the iDon't right back out of the news cycle. And they'll have to wait a whole year while the bombs keep dropping to try to compete.
  • Exactly. Smartphones are raining all over every Apple news day. Pre WWDC, Froyo anounces 4G phones hit the street iPhone Pre-order day arrives, 3 phones announce, including the big guns. Soon as iPhones start appearing in stores, Froyo will drop. Isn't it about time for Steve to break out the lawsuit stick again?
  • I don't see much difference between 4.0" Galaxy S or 4.3" Evo or 4.4" Droid X. I do like the hard keyboard on Galaxy S. & Verizon would be the deal breaker on Droid X for me. But I do agree with Paladin the more Android phones the better. For all of us.
  • As for the phone....well....after looking at the ALMOST makes me think maybe I should have held off on the Incredible for a bit....*checking to see if I passed my 30 days lol*
  • That's what you get for buying a phone with a 16bit screen. 24bit is the way to go always. Main reason I didn't bother with the Evo. Big screen poor quality.
  • I don't think there is any phone with AMOLED screen that does 24-bit color. Don't know whether it's because they are just following the Google's reference, or it's the screen that is a limiting factor. But, LCD is a way to go, at least for now IMO.
  • The Samsung galaxy is 24bit and I am almost sure the Droid X will be 24bit.
  • So it's being announced on June 23rd, I just wonder how long it will take to actually be available in stores?
  • Looks ok...Would love to try it in person tho!
  • It's too big, imo, but that's just me *shrugs*
  • I'm so torn! I like it, hell I love it but I'm really trying to keep my perspective on the issue. Why drop the cash when I'm just gonna do it again for something 4g compatible in a year. Patience young grass Hopper lol. As for moto I'm dissapointed that they design this power house give it 720p on a omap 1ghz processor, gear the thing for multimedia and don't put on a front facing camera for video calls! Boo moto just boo.
  • Evo owner weighing in: I can say that I'm drooling over the stock Swype and multitouch keyboard. Competition is good!
  • Can HTC make a phone with front facing camera with a screen no bigger than 4 inches and on Verizon. That would be nice.
  • Isn't it time for the Nexus Two?
  • Is a good looking phone but the Evo has a more elegant look. This two monsters will ruin the iPhone's 4 launch party!
  • MotoBlur? No Thanks....
  • Waay to big for me, ill wait for droid 2 in august. Still love my DROID
  • LMAO! iWhat? This thing is a beast! As a EVO owner I still prefer it over this monster but Apple has to be shittin bricks right now.
  • VZW spec'd this phone for Moto to build, blame them if you really miss the front-facing camera. In any case, video calling is mostly just a gimmick and a check-mark on a spec-sheet at present, even in Europe where front-facing cameras and 3g have been on phones for years. I expect a flurry of "face time" use late this month, then it'll drop off to next to nothing as people find out just how much of a pain in the arse it is to hold a phone focused on your face for more than a minute or so, or watch somebody else's face shake and wobble and come in and out of focus. Care to chime in, EVO owners? How many of you are actually using the front camera on a regular basis? The real question is, when is this puppy coming out in a HSDPA version for those of us in Canada and Europe?
  • I personally don't see why there has to be rivalry between Android users. We are all in the same community, so it's pretty senseless to say who has the better Android phone. At most, we should be pleased that Iphone users won't be bitching about how they have the best phone, since so many Android devices are coming out.. Evo 4G, Galaxy S Pro (Sprint)
    Incredible, Droid X/2 (Verizon)
    Galaxy S, Nexus One (Tmo) More Android = win
  • Really awesome phone! I love my Evo because of the kickstand and the front facing camera, plus I love love love Sprint. Now that a lot of custom roms are coming out that crappy old Sense UI is disappearing and its great. I'm most excited for people to rip that multi-touch keyboard out of the Droid X and bring it to other phones!
  • Looks like good competition... i love my EVO but i must say this is an impressive devicr. I dont plan on switching for a few reasons... vzw pricing, front camera, price, i like all touchscreen phones, price, and like i said im im love with my evo.. that being said i think steve jobs has an android device hidden somewhere... he has to love it!
  • I'm assuming the circle under the screens glass directly underneath the earpiece isn't a camera but instead a light sensor? Or could it possibly be a front camera?
  • I like my droid, but this phone looks awesome! I don't understand how 4.4 inches is insane yet 4.3 isn't? It is .1 inch difference!
  • i think 4.4" is the screen size, not the overall dimension. the main concern is the actual size of the device itself and not just the screen. to me, the Evo's dimensions should be the threshold for how big a mobile can be without venturing into tablet territory. the Droid X looks even taller than the Evo.
  • Nice looking phone. I own an Evo. Android for the win. Give me froyo. 'nuff said!
  • Looks like EVO is about to get pwned.
  • Yeah, that makes sense. The Evo which has a better UI, front facing camera, 4G and generally has a better build quality will get owned by an extra .1 inches. I won't even get into how overpriced Verizon is.
  • EVO ... better build quality than Moto? ... what are you smoking? The EVO has only been out about 10 days and in such a short time already has a long list of well-documented build-quality issues: 1) grounding issue, 2) screen separating from case, 3) WiFi signal issue, 4) light leakage at bottom of screen, 5) dust under screen, plus 6) the framerate is capped at 30 fps. The Moto Droid has almost no build quality issues, even after being out for seven months now.
  • This is an EVO throne, the haters r the ones that don't have it so of course u don't like it cause let me tell this phone (EVO) is too bad add
  • Wow! That's a big phone. At first glance I thought it was a beer can.
  • This Is A Really Sexy Beast! The Only 2 Things "I" Don't Like About Is That The Back Looks Like The Old Motorola Q And That The Charging/HDMI Port Is On The Side Rather Than The Bottom Like The EVO...(Gets In The Way While Charging And Texting)
  • Why are these phones getting bigger and bigger?! Just make a tablet already and call it a day. My Incredible is absolutely perfect and the size is just right. Time for some real killer app development imo, not huge phones.
  • It looks like its running Android 2.2 (FroYo) isn't that the FroYo Android suggestion widget? Also the addition of the Phone and Browser Buttons on the home screen. Dan
  • It's a great looking phone and may do really well but I would never leave my Evo or Sprints network for Verizon. I just hung up a call with them about my kids bill because they liked the Droid over there a while back. They are maybe even worse then AT&T with nickle and diming you to death with all the extra fees for this and that. Sprint is only a crappy network to those who cant get it really well in there area but there service and plans are by far better then Verizon. I can't stand the fact that everything is a extra charge and the only way to take full advantage of what these phones can do is the subscribe to it, no better yet you can't get the phone without it. Great phone, wrong network! CAN YOU HERE ME NOW?.....GOOD!
  • Funny all these EVO haters are so happy with this EVO wannabe phone. First all you heard was the EVO was too big now their happy this Droid X has a screen that is .1 of an inch bigger WTF??? Make up your mind people...Is it that you want an EVO so bad that you hate on every aspect of the phone? The same specs are in the Droid X so why is it ok now? Lets face it the EVO is a superior phone period! Just the hotspot capabilities alone blows just about every phone out of the water!!! Just be happy you have a phone that's close enough to the EVO...
  • Funny all these EVO haters are so happy with this EVO wannabe phone. First all you heard was the EVO was too big now their happy this Droid X has a screen that is .1 of an inch bigger WTF??? Make up your mind people...Is it that you want an EVO so bad that you hate on every aspect of the phone? The same specs are in the Droid X so why is it ok now? Lets face it the EVO is a superior phone period! Just the hotspot capabilities alone blows just about every phone out of the water!!! Just be happy you have a phone that's close enough to the EVO...
  • 4.3" diagonal length with 800x480.
    4.4" diagonal length with 854x480. Do some trigonometry and you will find 4.3" w/ 800x480 is WIDER.
    Actual phone width might be different, but probably won't be bigger than EVO in width. Also, OMAP3630 1GHz(according to rumers) vs. Snapdragon 1GHz? In CPU-wise and GPU-size, snapdragon simply can't compete with OMAP at the same speed. Even now, old Droid(OMAP3430 550MHz) runs 3D games faster than snapdragon 1GHz phones. Same spec? No. Droid X has far superior spec, period.
  • What's with all the phone bashing?! Looking through these comments... it's comical. Droid X looks like a great device, IMO! I'm an Evo owner and I LOVE my phone! To each their own, geez! Do you think Verizon/Sprint care about whether or not you "rep" their network in a blog? For real? *side eye* There's tons of great devices coming out... back to back. It's hard to keep up. There will always be a latest and greatest new toy. My first thought if I saw someone with the Droid X would be "Bad ass phone... can I take a look?" Not "Evo is KING! Verizon kiss my "arse"!!!" LOL I think everyone should be able to own a bad a** phone on every network! It's Android... the more variety, the better! Let's focus on these iPhone "haters" and leave each other alone... :-D But like I said... the Droid X looks great. Win for Verizon users! Enjoy the 4.4" screen b/c I love the 4.3" on my Evo! No such thing as too big! :-)
  • What I really want to know more about is that widget on the top half of the screen. Looks potentially awesome.
  • I agree , Buy what you like and Like what you buy they all are good phones and to each his own
  • The EVO is the best phone today. The iphone is the same with a camera on the front, DroidX is bigger with no camera on the front. What gives??? If you're going to make a it BIG and Sprint has done that. Everything else has a part of the EVO. And all this talk about the EVO battery...there's an app for that!!!
  • I would love the droid x but I DONT want moto blur or ANY version of it. I want the sense UI. Wish it had sense UI and I would be all over this!
  • Very nice phone, motorola builds really high quality stuff i like
    not that I'm leaving my EVO anytime soon, I live in philly and I even get 3g underground and 4g pretty much everywhere else so very happy with srpint, my bill never reaches 3 digits with a LOT of data usage and can upgrade my phone after 12 months, so for ME, as good as it get right now.
  • I wonder if the screen is the same width as the evo, just a little taller to accommodate the extra 54 pixels.
  • Any ideas on how this phone screen will do in the sun? About ready to give up my Incredible due to this.
  • no front facing camera and it doesnt run sprint 4G that is a no go : )
  • Although I've said that I'd avoid motoblur like the plague, the X is one compelling device. You gotta hand it to Moto. It's got that sort of whoa factor that grabs attention. Now if you could turn motoblur fully off, I'm sold.
  • reminds me of my old TI-92.. lol, size-wise its alittle too much the incredible's still #1 in my book
  • That is an ugly POS that i hope no one waste money on.
  • is it possible to load a rom with sense like the increidlbe has on the droid x if its rooted? i want this phone bad for the bigger screen and better video recording and faster graphics performance, but i love sense, i love the thing that it shows contacts with numbers when you start dialing a number it recognizes, i love the keyboard, sense is nice and it would rock if i could buy the droid x and make it like my incredible?
  • who actually beleives this is .1 bigger than the evo... thats just this persons takeaway on it... if i were a betting man i'd put money on that when its released it will be 4.3 just because the phone itself is bigger than the evo doesn't mean the screen is bigger the trim just seems to be larger than needed
  • I seriously think this new version of Motoblur looks HAWT! I am excited for this no lie. If it comes with Froyo uuuugh I won't be able to resist.
  • The battery life on the EVO is going to be shorter for all you people that had little Blackberry's that couldn't run multiple apps at once. I can tell you the EVO battery life is way better than my Pre was. I will never leave Sprint because they have the best plans in the business and I haven't experienced any service issues traveling across the U.S. If you people try the new Sprint you won't be sorry especially when u get your bill...
  • I actually really like the look of this phone. Its huge but i like that. Anybody have any idea if this phone is likely to come to england? Ive read that the Evo will not. Cheers, Sam E.
  • Nice phone, already an Incredible killer? Seems like movies like Hot Tub Time Machine play pretty well, err what? (insert sound of needle across an album). Hot Tub Time Machine? That movie is not set to be released publicly until June 29th and they had it in Divx format.
  • why all the arguing? it sounds to me that people are happy with the network they are on and the device they want/have. sounds like a win for android and a loss for arrogant apple.
  • I love it still waiting on that droid 2! check out my blog all pictures taken with the droid!
  • It's all about the network -- a good device without a good network is virtually useless. Sprint's network doesn't even begin to compare to Verizon's. One could possibly get by with Sprint if one is located within a major metropolitan area (or in a suburb within 10-15 miles of the downtown region of that area). Almost all of the reports about Sprint's rollout of 4g have been underwhelming -- when Verizon rolls out LTE starting at the end of 2010 and continuing through 2011 -- (a) it will actually be reliable (like almost all of Verizon's network offerings) (b) it will actually be fast and (c) it will eventually cover much more of the country than Sprint's WiMax (just as VZW's 3g covers much much more of the country than Sprint's 3g).
    Verizon does it right -- they wait a bit longer to get it right before they launch it in a "half-assed" way and try to get users to subsidize it the way Sprint is with the Evo 4g. If you are someone who likes to travel, who often does so spur of the moment, who takes country drives through more rural areas, forget about Sprint. For example -- look at the coverage maps of the Northeast -- Sprint has no 3g or no service at all through vast swaths of Upstate NY, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachussetts, Maine and so on.... Verizon covers all of those areas(perhaps 95%) with full 3g. And, as far as 3g speed goes -- in real life tests by individuals, not lab tests by magazine reviewers -- there is no comparison --
    Verizon is often 2-3x as fast and much more reliable.
    The speed of Sprint's 3g data connections is HIGHLY variable even in the same location and even from minute to minute. Users get results of .9Mbps one minute and two minutes later they can't get any connection or they get speeds of about .1 Mbps (using Speedtest in the same location). Verizon's variability is much lower -- perhaps no more than 10-15% -- and almost always at 1.4 Mbps or higher. I have gone into Sprint stores -- put down an Evo 4g on the counter side by side with a VZW Droid and run speedtests in front of Sprint employees and witnesses (and videotaped this happening !) This is in an area of equal signal strength and areas which were listed as having good 3g coverage in both Sprint and Verizon coverage maps.
    On average, VZW had 2-3x the download speed of Sprint. Just read the threads on Sprint and VZW community forums and see where there are more complaints about network coverage. Why does Sprint consistently rank lowest on all measures in major independent consumer surveys like Consumer Reports and J.D. Powers ?
    Because they are the lowest. Are they slightly cheaper -- yes.
    Not always, but usually -- you get what you pay for. And for me, paying a few dollars a month for something reliable as opposed to hit-or-miss is definitely worth it.
  • Comparing these two phones and declaring a straight out winner is neigh on impossible to do. Verizon has better 3g coverage but sprint has 4g (though only in limited areas) and better pricing. so i would chalk that up to a tie. Screen size and phone size is near identicle identical (.1" is not a big enough difference to be a factor) and as such is also a tie. The Evo run the Sense UI which most believe to be better then Motoblur, but flashing a custom rom to the phone negates that category, so again its a tie. The Evo has been reported having shoddy battery life and some build quality issues while the original moto droid is a pretty solid phone and we can expect the droid x to have the same workmanship so the droid x takes the first point. Evo has a front facing camera and the droid x doesn't so a point to the evo and back to even. We cannot judge on battery life because there are no reports on how well the Droid x does, but it'll probably have comparable battery life to the evo so again, a tie. No matter how you look at it you CANNOT go wrong with purchasing either of these phones. They're great phones and you'll be getting a great product no matter what. Both phones are at this moment, the flagship phones for both sprint and verizon respectively. And personally, I think both of these phones put the iPhone 4 to shame.
  • So let me get this straight.There isn't any front face camera on it? That sucks. Cmon? MOTOROLA you need to include that or can VZW get the Evo like they did the Palm Pre? Either way I like the Droid X but no FF camera is a tough pill to swallow especially if you got Fringe. PLEASE MOTO DO NOT RELEASE SOON TIL YOU ADD THE FRONTFACE CAMERA!
  • Oh and I will get when released and when I'm eligible for a upgrade!