Motorola Droid RAZR hands-on video

I was able to get my hands on a Droid RAZR and duck out long enough to get a video walk-through, and I'm really glad I did. Photos can only do this device so much justice, but when you get to hold it in your hands, you'll really be able to see what Motorola and Verizon are bragging about. 

While it may not be clear in the video above, the screen and size are the real stars here. The  4.3-inch Super AMOLED display is vivid, rich, and super vibrant, and the phone itself is mind-blowingly thin and light. It's unlike any other LTE device on the market today, and is a true gamechanger in 4G technology. 

Check out all of my initial impressions here, and let's all bide our time wisely until the Droid RAZR's "early November" lauch. 

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Anndrew Vacca
  • Is it a Global phone. That would make it the perfect phone for me at least.
  • Why is the video squished?
  • I want it now. That is one bad ass phone. I think that 4.3 is the perfect size. Looks sweet, bad ass specs, the screen is beautiful and lets not forget the LTE radio. Sign me up Verizon. If the new Nexus comes with a 4.7 inch screen I might have to pass, when is a screen just too big. I may be able to keep a 4.5, only because it was a Nexus device, but anything larger then that is IMO just crazy. It's a phone not a tablet.
  • Nexus is only 4.65 because the home/menu/search/back keys are part of the screen itself. Normally, it's only a 4.3 inch screen, and it is the same size as all the other 4.3 inch phones. When you watch a movie, though, it expands to 4.65 so you can get true 720p resolution. Also, the curvature of the phone is supposed to make it feel more ergonomically comfortable than even other 4.3 inch phones! So don't count the Nexus out yet :)
  • Nexus Prime/Galaxy is taller than Galaxy s2, these words are coming from a person who got to play with it for more than 15 minutes
  • I think you made a great point, the phone doesn't look that big when it is shown in someone's hand. It's a really sharp looking phone. I can see what you mean by the screen opening up when playing videos. The only problem I can see is no damn sd card slot. What the hell are the designers thinking. It isn't going to cost any more money to add a few extras that to most Android users are very important. The Nexus phone is suppose to show and point the future of Android, I think I would really like the new OS on the new Motorola Razr hardware. I like being able to put a few great movies on my sd card and be able to watch them during my lunch brake on the jobsite. I think they did a great job designing the overall looks and feel of the phone but nickel and dines on a few of what I would call important details. Sayng that and being a owner of both Nexus phones I will probably buy one anyways. I am a real Android geek.
  • This is what the atrix 2 for at&t should've look like.
  • That's because At&t is the most awesome carrier ever...
  • Fix your aspect ratio please. Just add the correct tag to your video.
  • any impressions on how the camera was?
  • i want to know too. if this camera is better, i might just pass on nexus and go for this
  • That phones does look nice !! I just wish they would unlock the bootloader on this phone
  • Any notification light on this device?
  • so now my new phone decision got that much harder. Nexus, Rezound, or the Razr? Man, i'm not sure. they're all supposed to come out on the same day and cost the same. Any thoughts? i am leaning towards the Nexus.
  • No way's all about the Pantech Breakout
  • In the same boat,leaning towards RAZR right now. Nexus right behind and the HTC keeps falling behind due to no new info.
  • Nexus, RAZR, Rezound. That's the order in which I'll play with them when I go to upgrade. Gonna be a good day, and one hell of a tough decision.
  • Considering the bionic ): does, this most likely would have the notification light too. Ugh. Buyers remorse
  • OK then. Maybe time for an early upgrade after my horrible experience with the Droid Charge though, I'm a little hesitant to upgrade. That POS was just so painful... Maybe Moto will give me better luck.
  • Scott, I'm with ya buddy. I've had horrible luck with Motorola phones; specifically the original Droid and Droid X. My wife uses the Bionic and it works beautifully. The Nexus Prime will have unmatched graphics for gaming, but the HTC Rezound will clock the most speed with dual 1.5 gigs. I'm gonna say my first choice will be the Rezound. I use an Incredible 2 now, and HTC has worked well. Second place is a tie. Tough choices. Theyre all nice!
  • Battery life is given to the RAZR and BIONIC and probably the NEXUS and speed differences of 1.5 vs 1.2 is not alot especially since the OMAP processors have a higher performance over the Snapdragon. SAMOLED now kicks on the RAZR and NEXUS
  • Rzr or Prime????? (I feel for the poor Bionic, if was released when it was supposed to be, I would have bought it and been happy. Unfortunately it waited too long and I learned about the Prime. Now I must decide again, I like how Moto is coming back fighting. Think I will wait and see how they both are after they are released. Come on 2130 EST...
  • I can't get excited until I see what the battery life truly is. I am very doubtful of Moto's claims.
  • So, is it really "super light"? I think it's "Super Light". In fact I am certain that it is "SUPER LIGHT"!!!!
  • I had reserved an iPhone 4S last night just in case today's announcements weren't what I expected, but after seeing this, there's no way that I'll go back to an iPhone. Now I just have to check out the Google/Samsung event and decide whether to get the RAZR or the Nexus.
  • See the UK has a price £454
  • Looks nice. However they have a lot of room at the top and bottom of the screen and it makes the phone look really long and narrow. Looks kind of funny to me. That's just me being picky lol.
  • i might buy depending if the bootloader gets unlocked... if not im going with the htc vigor. i think im going to pass on the nexus prime, im not fond of samsung devices.
  • Ok, now the real question is when are the Droid KRZR, SLVR, RIZR, and ROKR phones gonna come out?
  • A Droid ROKR with BEATS Audio.
  • Based on form factor, shouldn't this be the SLVR.
  • I tried scrubbing through the video several times & just couldn't make it out but.... If this thing doesn't have CityID pre-installed I'm going to be so disappointed! ;)
  • No removable battery? I don't think so. Can this phone really get you through an 8hr week? I doubt it. Not a good idea in my opinion.
  • Other than it being thin I think the bionic has a better look to it. That Razr looks too girlish in my hands. I guess its my big hands, but I loved the feel of the DX, and the Bionic in my hand. -c4-
  • the droid razr is quite big for a 4.3'' device,its just a but smaller than the 4.65'' galaxy nexus and the same size as the 4.5'' epic 4g touch...the bezels are way too BIG