Motorola Droid Promo Mailers Leaked, Releasing Sooner Than Thought

Verizon isn't kidding about the Droid. After launching commercials in primetime over the weekend, it looks like they'll follow up with promotional mailers that give a clear look at the Droid and lists what the Droid does. It's interesting to note that other than the Verizon logo on the phone, we can't find another logo on the leaked mailers. We guess we're just supposed to know when the color red is used, it's Verizon. And as successful as we believe the Droid will be, does anyone else think they're going a bit overboard with the terminator-esque theme?

Also, thanks to code-cracking geniuses, it looks like the listed date on the Droid website has moved up. Previously, the countdown was ticking down for October 30th but has now moved up to October 28th. We're expecting that date to be an official announcement rather than a official launch but we'll keep our ears out.

More pictures of the Droid promotional mailer after the jump!


Casey Chan