Motorola Droid Promo Mailers Leaked, Releasing Sooner Than Thought

Verizon isn't kidding about the Droid. After launching commercials in primetime over the weekend, it looks like they'll follow up with promotional mailers that give a clear look at the Droid and lists what the Droid does. It's interesting to note that other than the Verizon logo on the phone, we can't find another logo on the leaked mailers. We guess we're just supposed to know when the color red is used, it's Verizon. And as successful as we believe the Droid will be, does anyone else think they're going a bit overboard with the terminator-esque theme?

Also, thanks to code-cracking geniuses, it looks like the listed date on the Droid website has moved up. Previously, the countdown was ticking down for October 30th but has now moved up to October 28th. We're expecting that date to be an official announcement rather than a official launch but we'll keep our ears out.

More pictures of the Droid promotional mailer after the jump!


Casey Chan
  • Sign Me UP!!!!
    Love my STORM... but this should kick some tail... Holding on the Storm2 to see what the DROID is bringing to the table!!!
  • Who the heck are the idiots behind this campaign - the same agency that Ozzfest uses. This is targeting geeks. Verizon should be going after mass market. This ain't it!!! Marketing Fail written all over it. I love Android but this campaign will do nothing for mass market appeal!
  • is it coming for Bell Canada?... Dam I hope so man.. pleeease let me know
  • I have a Storm (I would not buy one again) and had some interest in the Storm 2 because of WIFI and potential for flash (later) but the DROID makes me want to forget RIM. I want wifi and ability to render flash in websites. Lastly, I hope the phone portion of the DROID is clear with excellent reception; although, it should be a given.
  • I just hope that this turn out to be the MOTOROLA Droid and not the VERIZON Droid. That is, I'd love to use a phone with these features, but I want to be able to buy it unlocked so I can use whatever plan I want.
  • Who told you that ? any sources ?
  • When it comes to Canada it will be on Telus
  • Oh, thank god! Finally a Phone that's worth paying for on my Carrier.
  • I have a BB Storm and I can't wait to get rid of it. I'm a little hesitant to get this Droid (even though it sounds great). I might just wait to get a little feedback from other users after it comes out. Impulse buying is what got me stuck with this Storm.
  • Had sign a confidentiality agreement with bell last month. But here it anyways it is coming to Bell first part of Nov. The other ones were the bold and iphone but that didn't confidential for long.
  • I also got the same msg as yours.... but I dont think that it is true.
  • hi , i got sms msg in my mobile for number +22996394416
    and they told in the msg :
    (motorola promo) congratulation your mobile number has just won 575,000,00 pounds ,on the on going motorola 2009 promo.
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    for clim call :+447045782300 & email . its true or HKS msg ??
  • even i receive same massage not sure whether it is correct or not can any one tell me why company will be giving millions of pound to people just for nothing they can do good amount of promo with this amount.....
  • Really people? you would fall for such a text?