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Motorola Cliq XT getting updated 'Connected Media Player'

We got a decent look at the upcoming Motorola Cliq XT at Mobile World Congress, but we didn't dive too far into the software on the phone. (Something about thousands of people buzzing around you that makes that awkward.) However, MobileBurn's Michael Oryl has snagged a preview of the new "Connected Media Player" that will be on the upcoming T-Mobile release, and he gives it a spin in the video above on the original Cliq.

It performs much as a media player should, sifting through and playing music. But it's the ability to pull album art and lyrics from an online database -- and sync them in time with the music -- that helps make this a top-shelf app, along with some other cool features. We don't want to steal all of Michael's thunder, so check out the video. [MobileBurn]

  • Is this saving all the lyrics to your device for viewing when out of network area?
  • This obviously works on the CLIQ so I am wondering if CLIQ owners will get the updated app as well with 2.1 when it comes out in April or May.
  • Sounds a bit like Tunewiki.
  • If you notice it has a "powered by tunewiki" logo on the lyrics pane so I bet they just wrapped a new UI over the original tunewiki. It's a great music app I use it myself.
  • Great review. Alice in Chains, yeah!