Motorola Building Custom UI For Android Called Blur

The new trend for Android phones: custom built UI's. The HTC Hero has the Sense UI built on top of Android, the Sony XPERIA 'Rachael' has a drool-worthy interface, and now Motorola will have 'Blur'. According to BGR:

It will combine all personal contacts and social networking sites into a clean and easy to use interface...The skin/OS is named “Blur” by Motorola and will be heavily web-connected. All Android devices will be able to upgrade different sections of the OS and interface all over the air.

That blurb on 'Blur' doesn't do much in the specifics department but we can obviously expect heavy emphasis on social networking sites (facebook, twitter) and maybe even some webOS-like features. Either way, we're very, very excited to see what Motorola can cook up with Android--HTC Sense and the 'Rachael' UI are absolutely wonderful, hopefully Motorola's Blur can be the same.

  • Cant wait to see a demo of it ... Does anyone know if the Morrison and the Sholes will come with this UI?
  • Im sorry, looks like a legit phone. That keyboard is going to be awful though. If it like the usual Moto keypads(my wife has a Moto) then that will stink for a full qwerty. Hope the hardware is there though.
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  • "The new trend for Android phones: custom built UI's." I certainly hope this is the trend. Been tip-toeing thru WMExperts and believe it or not, many of them don't like the idea of custom UI's. Those that sponsor that thought feel that it looses the Windows Mobile identity. That's exactly why I feel that custom UI's are great for Android. If you just look at the hardware, the myTouch and G1 are essentially the same with the same interface. But imagine if the UI was different - say 'Rachael'? How many G1 users would buy a myTouch - despite nearly identical hardware - just because of the interface? Right now I have two home replacements: Open Home and Fresh Face (which according to the info is "exclusive" to the myTouch - NOT!). I like what one offers over the other depending on my mood. I think Android's customization is fantastic! And probably the only phone OS that has that much flexibility.
  • Blur will come with Morrison and Zepplin, but NOT on Sholes for at least the US CDMA because Sholes for CDMA is going to be COMPLETELY ran by Google. Google is basically doing the software and Moto's job is to do the hardware. You will not find much branding of Motorola's name on the Sholes hardware, just like with the G1. It is shipping with Eclair and is sure to make a big splash for first-time Android users that has Verizon.
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  • And probably the only phone OS that has that much flexibility
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