Motorola Backflip Is Official, Probably Headed to AT&T

Motorola just announced the Motorola Backflip at their CES press conference. We've seen this quirky device before, remember, this isn't a slider-type device but rather the keyboard is on the outside and it flips backwards (?) when necessary--hence, the name. It comes with your usual slew of 3G, Wi-Fi, and 5-megapixel camera. Also of note, it's going to be running Motoblur.

Motorola didn't reveal which carrier it's going to land on but educated guesses point to AT&T since AT&T announced today that they'll be carrying a Motorola Android device with a unique form factor. Backward facing and folding keyboard counts as unique, right?

Oh, we almost forgot. The Backflip will run Android 2.1.

So what do you guys think? Who's going to buy the Backflip on AT&T?

[motorola (opens in new tab) via @palmsolo]

  • good question? It sounds interesting and nice to have an android choice for ATT but I am not sure of the keyboard. I was kind of hpong for a virtual keyboard device maybe one of the later devices will be just that.
  • One of the things that interests us MOST is that physical QWERTY keyboard on the back. Our tipster says its always revealed and flips from the back as you can see in the picture. When the keyboard is open a touchpad on the back of the phone is revealed which allows you to easily scroll through webpages and apparently it works very well
    slightly thinner, slightly shorter both length and width, and lighter than the G1. Hmm, that's more like it. backflip Details:
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  • What is so great about the MotoBlur? Why not just leave it standard and let the user decide on what they want as a home replacement.
  • verizon stucks. Why their ETF is 350.00? I know why because ATT ripping a new butt hole in verizon. Verizon with their cheap lg phones and high rate. You must be high to be on verizon network
  • meh, att, crap network. move on. I love hearing these commercials on the radio now ATT is dissing verizon in my area, but i have a few friends with ATT who get horrible service. Who gives a damn if you can talk and browse at the same time. I have never the need for it and I text more then I talk anyhow. Stupid ATT they can't think of a good comeback because their coverage is garbage and verizon got them by the nutsack ripping on their map.
  • I've have AT&T for about 5 years now and they've been great for me. Of course I live in Dallas TX so that's probably why. If I lived out in the middle of nowhere then I guess I'd have to go with someone else.
  • Shame about the processor, should be Snapdragon 1Ghz and it would be a Android #1 phone. Once it is snapdragon count me IN !!
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