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Motorola Backflip -- AT&T's first Android phone -- now available for $99

Just like it was promised, the Motorola Backflip is now available on AT&T for $99, making it the carrier's first and only Android device. You'll want to check out our hands-on with the phone back at CES, as pictures really don't do it justice.

The Backflip -- which sports the Motoblur social networking interface -- has a unique fold-over keyboard and 5-megapixel camera, along with a 3.1-inch touchscreen (at 320x480 pixels), comes with 512MB of storage memory and 256MB of RAM, and its microSD card can handle up to 32GB.

The Backflip is available starting today for $99 along with the usual 2-year contract and $100 "promotion card" rebate, or you can buy it outright for $349.99 (which isn't a bad price, actually). [AT&T (opens in new tab)]

  • I don't understand the concept of this phone? And why would AT&T pick this as there first Android device? There are so many far better options to choose from?
  • Agreed. I think this is a ploy to say they are diversified but also pleasing their iPhone people because even the cheapest iPhone is better than this crap. I see that flipping mechanism being a problem. I dunno, maybe Palm just has me uber paranoid with moving parts on a mobile device.
  • Looks broken?
  • Um, no, this is not a Palm Pre. It may not be the most powerful phone but I'd take this over any iPhone any day of the week. At least you have a true multisking device with an sd slot, a real keyboard and 5mp camera. And it will be updated to the latest Android at some point.
  • I think AT&T has taken so much money in from Apple that it is only putting an "Android" phone to calm its critics and customers who dont want the Iphone. They chose an Android phone with an outdated firmware and tweaked it to give a false sense of Android OS to its customers. AT&T is in too deep with Apple. AT&T tweaked several key options on this phone to prevent it from installing "unknown sources". Also the android system firmware the phone is currently using is cupcake 1.5 which means you CAN'T run any of the latest useful and highly rated Google applications. And finally for some reason Motorola/AT&T went with yahoo as the default web browser. This all adds up to conspiracy in my view. Another reason AT&T is a sh*tty and unfair provider.
  • haha that last sentence reminds me of FOX NEWS "fair and balanced" LOL Motorola wanted a motoblur device on every carrier and they're getting there. They just need Sprint to pick one up, but they're super happy with the hot selling HERO at the moment. but using yahoo as default is pretty.. conspiralicious.
  • Picked it up on day one...haven't put it down. My buddy has the normal droid, which is frikin badass, but I'm sorta stuck with At&t as I've got a good family that said. This thing rocks harder than a net book!! A lot less bulky than the iphone and the regular droids. The key pad is friendlier than the regular droids too. Decent processor and ram, expandable memory up to 32 gig. They told me at att I couldn't tether it for internet to a laptop yet....well..I got it to work just fine!!! I use it to track my hikes/climbs whilst listening to panora radio (all free apps), and chatting on gmail...frickin sweet. Not the Big badass droid, but pretty damn close for the moderate sacrifice of a little less res, screen size, and processing power...mind you the screen res is still that of the iphone (but a hair smaller viewable area). Also, I put my engineering books on it (in PDF), to which I can readily open up in the field (or where ever) and reference needed info. Blows the iphone out of the water with just its ability to handle heavy multi tasking. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Later On,