Motorola and Verizon list the Droid X2 on their sites

And the long slog of the that is the Motorola Droid X2's march to official release continues. Motorola and Verizon have now outed the follow-up to the original Droid X on their sites respective sites. Of course, we've already brought you pictures and video, plus full specs and a possible launch date. Go figure.

According to the Motorola's page, the Droid X2 will have a dual-core 1GHz processor and a qHD resolution. The phone will also follow its older brother, the Droid X, with a 4.3-inch display.

So it's getting close, that's for sure. Think that May 26 date's going to hold up?

Source: Verizon (opens in new tab) and Motorola (opens in new tab)

Andrew Melnizek
  • Heard that it may launch with 2.2 and not 2.3. Rumors?
  • Hey have any of y'all having issues with Adobe Flash? On my EVO it has stop working....(running 2.2)
  • Tried restarting? Or uninstalling and re-installing?
  • This just in...bootloader will be locked! Stay away from Motorola! :) j/k but I tried the Atrix and hated being limited due to Motorola locking down their bootloader to prevent all the fun that is Android!
  • Why would anybody get into a 1 or 2 year contract Verizon now on a phone that does not support 4G?! Especially if you're getting an Android phone.
  • Because not everyone has 4G where they live and they may never see it, that's why.
  • Even if you don't expect 4G where you live, might you not travel somewhere where 4G would be useful? What is the advantage of getting a phone that does not support 4G versus getting one that can do 4G and leaving the 4G turned off until such time as you happen to be somewhere where you want to use it? The seems like saying "I don't ever carry passengers, so I'm going to buy a car that only has a seatbelt for the driver."
  • Not everyone travels either, and not everyone cares about 4G. Different strokes for different folks.
  • For a lot of people battery life is more important, especially if they will rarely or never have 4g. To tell the truth, I'm scheduled to get 4g this summer and I wouldn't touch any of the 4g phones right now. Hopefully the targa/bionic will start to address this, otherwise I'll just grab a dualcore 3g phone and hope that handset makers fine tune the battery performance before my next phone. For me computing (both power and time) >>> faster downloads.
  • I haven't once wished for faster mobile data. All I ever use 3g for is google maps nav & music streaming. As long as I can use them simultaneously, as I have been, I'm happy. Couple that with how 4g gulps battery juice and I want nothing to do with it for the near future). Just give me a big screen, fast processor, and thin form factor and I'll be satisfied.
  • Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with choosing an EVDO Rev.A & WiFi device this year. Give the LTE network another year to mature and expand.Plus in another year or two the LTE handsets will have way more efficient processors and battery life. You can already see the improvement between the 1st LTE Android device(the Thunderbolt) and the 2nd(Droid Charge).Great 3G devices out or coming out:DINC 2,Droid X2,Sony Ericsson Xperia Play,SGS2,etc...
  • A better question would be who would buy a phone made by Motorola on a 2 year contract (current DX owner - ugh).
  • I could care less about a locked bootloader. The DX is a good phone. I just think a FFcamera would have made it more attractive. LTE seems to be a none selling point, why else would VZW be giving away free mobile hotspot, not because they love their customers.
  • Physical buttons and Blur. Pointless.
    Not 4G? Well, then, it's not an upgrade (See Dinc2 as another example of not an upgrade).
  • The DX2, in my opinion, doesn't have enough "upgrades" to it to make me want to upgrade to it (I don't care about 4G yet... though it would be "cool"). Maybe a device in the usual Christmas release round will capture my attention a little more.
  • Um... Dual-core and a qHD screen makes this a definite upgrade.
    4g is completely useless to the majority of people, and will be for a long time.
  • 50 million people would disagree with you, even more by the end of the year.
  • Assuming all 50 million had a 4G phone--AND--thought it was a noticeable and defining reason to buy a phone.
  • I agree but I do wish Moto had given the X2 the Bionic's FFC. Do we know the type of RAM the X2 has?
  • I'm not eligible for an upgrade until April '12 so I could care less. I'm still completely happy with my DX.
  • This is me EXACTLY..even down to the date. My DX will feel "new" again here soon when we get Gingerbread & then when I get bored of that, I will finally dive into custom ROMs to keep my phone relevant for even longer. I honestly never have understood why people feel the need to have EVERY SINGLE new device that comes out. I like to spend my $ on other things, I guess.
  • Sure there are some upgrades like the screen and the dual-core cpu, BUT at this point in the game 4G (which I have shut off on my thunderbolt most of the time) is awful nice to have! At the rate VZW is expnading their network, a ton of people who jump on this now are gonna be sorry they didn't wait 3-6 months for some dual-core 4G LTE beast that is not far down the pipe. Personally, I don't need dual-core, but i love the blazing fast LTE when I want it!
  • To each his own - give me a dualcore 3g phone with a better screen that lasts all day over a battery-sucking 4g phone any day of the week.
  • why release the DX2?!? just release the Bionic!
  • does anyone know the battery size? I couldn't find it on google, and the links are now dead.
  • I think the point of the Droid X2 and Incredible 2 is to replace the previous models for their lineup, not necessarily offer a upgraded product.
  • This looks cool and all -- but I waiting to hear more about the Motorola Terga. That looks like the true successor to Droid X. Stylishly anyway.
  • It seems that Verizon plans for the Moto X series,as well as HTC's Incredible line to go from flagship phones to mid-level options.The LTE models(Bionic/Targa & Thunderbolt)will be the new showcase models.
  • Down and out
  • Bootlocked. Never mind. Not interested.