Motorola is readying its follow-ups to the unique Moto Z and Moto Z Force, which were announced last summer. We've already seen hints of the branding, suggesting that the sequels will be predictably assigned Moto Z2 and Z2 Force, and now we're seeing the first press render, if Slashleaks is to be believed.

What lends credence to this particular render is that the company has boxed itself into a specific design until at least 2018 thanks to its Mods ecosystem, which attach to the phone's back by a set of pins. You'll notice on this picture that the so-called Moto Z2 Force has two cameras on the back, which aligns with previous rumors, and a redesigned fingerprint sensor on the front, matching that of the Moto G5 series from earlier this year.

We already know that the Moto Z2 series should run a Snapdragon 835 platform, thanks to demoes it did with Sprint, and that at least one model will be available from a carrier other than Verizon, which is nice. The render also shows a 'Lenovo' insignia on the phone's side which, while perhaps not the most egregious placement of a company's logo, could certainly be better positioned.

Thoughts on the Moto Z2 or Z2 Force?

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