Moto X will arrive in India and Australia, Moto Maker coming to Europe and Mexico

Mobile World Congress

More news from Motorola's Bareclona press dinner, and this time it's all about the Moto X.

The handset itself will be crossing a few new borders and is headed to India and Australia. We've no details on availability dates or pricing, but we expect things to happen relatively soon.

For folks across Europe and in Mexico, who want a custom Moto X, Moto Maker is also expanding. Starting in Q2 in both the UK and Germany, you'll be able to custom create and order a Moto X in a variety of colors, very much like U.S. customers have been able to. Hooray! We've no details on when we'll see this in Mexico just yet.

Talking about Moto Maker, the wood backs make up about 25 percent of all Moto Maker purchases. Moto feels this will continue, and has a couple of new options planned. They have no new materials to announce, but wanted us to know there will be more to offer in 2014.

One more thing — Motorola says they are investigating how they could build custom devices for the Chinese market. They want the same fulfillment times we see in the US from the Texas plant, and seem to have a good idea of how they could pull it off. Also, when talking about Motorola devices in China, it was mentioned that doing business will be much easier when Motorola is part of Lenovo. Look for an official announcement soon is our best guess.