Moto Droid Calgary/Devour seen in silver, trades D-pad for optical sensor

Well hows about that. There's the Motorola Calgary/Droid Devour, all dressed up in silver. And while the keyboard doesn't quite look as sexy (and usable) as you might find on the HTC Touch Pro 2, it's definitely bigger than that's on the current Droid. And by now you've noticed the lack of a D-pad, which looks like it's given way for an optical trackpad like the BlackBerry Bold 9700 (which we've found easy to use). That's an improvement, in our humble opinion. But after the extremely disappointing keyboard on the original Droid, we're going to want to take this one for a ride before even beginning to pass judgment.

Other new rumored specs: a 1420mAh battery, WiFi and GPS (natch), and it won't be a world phone.

Whatcha think, folks? An improvement?

[Via Boy Genius Report]

Phil Nickinson
  • One compound word......snapdragon!
  • A second one - MotoBlur :)
  • Thank goodness they changed the placement of the D-Pad. That was my main gripe on the Droid.
  • well it looks like a better unit with better flow, but what's with the downgraded features? 3mp camera? why? if only it kept the droid features and upgraded them i would definitely get it.
  • Ooohh!!!!, 1st gen Droid users are going to be envious, the already hate the Nexus One cause they fear it will take droid's spot as the best Android phone. Most Droid's users were BlackBerry Storm users and they started a riot over the Strom2, and if you go over to Crackberry web site, Tour users are mad over the tour2. But Motto did a good job by getting a track pad.
  • is it me or does the screen look really small compared to the droid now
  • Smaller screen = bad
  • Looks like Motorola finally hired a competent Industrial Designer.
  • The screen looks much smaller and the design is like many cheap cell phones, the placement of the trackpad is nice though
  • Agree on the screen size, which is making me worry about that keyboard even more. :-/
  • Yay for dedicated number keys! To me, that was the #1 reason I would not get a Droid. How necessary is that optical touch pad thing? If you used that space to have a larger screen, it would make using your fingers for everything on the main screen that much easier, and thus, hopefully, do away for the need of any kind of trackball or pad... ?
  • keyboard still doesnt look great, but who knows what this will be when it hit production... i seriously doubt moto would release an "update" to the droid and have a smaller screen and worse camera?? Doesnt make sense to me, but then again.. half the things these stupid corporations do is beyond me... they always sem to be missing 1 or 2 key things in any release to make it "the phone" imo
  • The keyboard and the optical mouse r the only nice things on that phone. Other than that it looks like a sidekick build that got thrown out and Moto picked up. It looked much better in black. And for the record it doesnt have the snapdragon process in it. Its an upgraded version of the Cliq thats all. The tweens will love it.
  • i actually didn't think the moto droid's keyboard was that bad - i don't small hands btw. But this new phone is bigger than the droid??? yeah lets all carry around bricks in our pockets.
  • droid blows a$$
  • The space bar's in a funky place. I use the Droid's d-pad for Mario. Wouldn't want to give it up.
  • looks too big to consider. looks like the old sony umpc's
  • iphone is the best!!!!
  • And the iPhone homo always has to ring in.
  • Not making it a worldphone is a deal-breaker.