Most Samsung fans are expecting a new Galaxy Fan Edition phone next week

Galaxy S20 FE in Cloud Mint
Galaxy S20 FE in Cloud Mint (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Earlier this week, Samsung announced a second fall 2021 Unpacked event scheduled for October 20th.
  • We polled our readers to ask what they thought Samsung might announce at the event.
  • Most people responded that they expected news about the rumored Galaxy S21 FE or One UI 4 updates, but many others thought it could be something else entirely.

Just when you thought the fall tech events were over, next week is bringing major announcements from the industry's major players, including Apple and Google. Not to be left out of the conversation, Samsung sprung a second Unpacked event on us for Wednesday, October 20th, with little clue as to what they'd be revealing.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Part

Source: Samsung (Image credit: Source: Samsung)

Some have speculated from the teaser announcement that the event might have something to do with its One UI take on Android 12 or perhaps its suite of first-party apps. Alternatively, others have been hoping for quite a while that this would be the time we'd finally see a successor to last year's popular Galaxy S20 FE.

When we asked our readers what they thought was going to happen, nearly 44% said they believe Samsung will announce a new Android phone like the Galaxy S21 FE. Over a quarter of respondents believe we'll see something about One UI 4 and Android 12, while just over 6% expect Samsung to talk about its first-party app ecosystem. Interestingly, nearly a quarter of respondents think we'll be surprised by what Samsung has in store, indicating that Unpacked Part 2 could be about something else entirely.

Of course, numbers on a poll can only tell you so much, and it's always informative to read the comments to get a better idea of what people really think.

Reader Jowlah commented that they are "thinking that the S21 FE and probably some sort of announcement of One UI 4.0 is the main talking point. Maybe a special edition version of an already released phone."

On Facebook, Kevin Meyer said that he wanted to see hardware other than phones. "I was hoping the announcement [was for] Samsung's top-of-the-line flagship tablet, the Tab S8, but I know wishful thinking on my part, as the rumor is that Samsung won't be releasing that until sometime in 2022."

On Twitter, Larry McCarty left our favorite guess on the matter:

Our poll is now closed, but we'd still love to hear what your predictions for the Unpacked Part 2 event are. Also, be on the lookout for another fan poll this weekend!

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