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A quick heads up for those of you who frequent the front page of our fair site. As we've done once or twice in the past, we've tweaked the homepage a bit, giving you more choice of the stories you see. We've got two sections — "recent," and "featured."

Recent is the firehose. It's everything that gets published, period. It's the good. The bad. The stories you can't live without, and the stories that we've written because we want to, even if they're not going to have the biggest audience in the world. (But, seriously, you should read every word we write!)

The "Featured" tab is where we're going to pick and choose a little more. So while stories will absolutely still rotate through there throughout the day, the movement won't nearly as fierce. If you're only able to check in a few times a day, that might be the place for you.

And in any event, you can flip back and forth at will. It's all about giving you more ways to read, and better ways to read. And it'll work on your phone as well as in a desktop browser.

And of course everything we publish will still hit Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. And you can subscribe to any one of our RSS feeds, and you can still use the Android Central App. (And, yes, the app is finally getting its Material Design update!)

So enjoy the additional choice. And definitely leave your feedback here. We're listening, and we're just getting started.