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More Super AMOLED HD details revealed, a 4.5" Super AMOLED HD Samsung Celox may be using it

Earlier you might have noticed that Samsung has advanced their manufacturing process far enough to bring Super AMOLED HD to a phone sized screen.  You also might have noticed I'm pretty interested in the whole subject, hence the late night blog post.  A little more information has surfaced, and it sounds like Samsung has the ability to produce a 4.5 inch 720p Super AMOLED HD display, as long as the old style RGBG pentile matrix technology is used.  While this isn't the best case scenario, it makes the Samsung Celox a bit more interesting, as it's reported that it will launch with a 4.5 inch 1280x720 Super AMOLED HD screen with a pentile matrix.  The OLED Association is sure that the next step will be to produce an RGB stripe version, thus creating a Super AMOLED HD Plus display, having the same improvements we saw with the move from Super AMOLED to Super AMOLED Plus.

Of course, nothing is official until we have it in our hot little fingers.  Hopefully, if any of the information flying around is off-base, Samsung jumps to correct it.

Source: OLED-display

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • The HTC Phones' screens look blurry on that picture...
  • I'm also keen on high resolutions screens Jerry. Hopefully this holiday season will offer a few great choices. Nexus device with the SAMOLED HD+ version please!
  • So much hype around these Galaxy S II devices. I just can't wait to see an actual release date for the U.S. carriers and a legit list of specs.
    ..And what will the name of their next screen be after "Super AMOLED HD Plus" Can u fathom a name longer than that?
  • I feel sorry for people buying these phones on limited data plans... HQ hulu/netflix( the quality that sucks 300-400mb per hour) will be a must on a 1280x720 screen...
  • Screw netflix
  • Streaming video is only really reasonable via Wifi in a stationary context. Even unlimited LTE is chancy. The winning move is all you can eat video with temporary "pinning" capabilities. If Netflix allowed "pinning" I'd go back to stock for it.
    For now converting and side-loading is what I'll still be doing - especially if quality is your main concern. It is funny how that happens - buying an HD screen almost necessitates an upgrade in cable/dish service to match as it immediately makes the TV you've been fine with for decades look like trash.
  • I would bet that at that resolution on that size screen you would be hard pressed to discern the difference between pentile and stripe configurations with the naked eye.
  • I thought the exact same thing. If the pixels are small enough that I don't see the pentile matrix, bring it on.
  • I already can't see it on my Nexus one and that's just a plain AMOLED... Honestly, I probably wouldn't have known about it had the internet not complained about it. 4.5" @ 1280x720 we will not notice anything except how much the screen rocks.
  • That acronym is going to get long enough that they should just change the name of the tech. Super AMOLED HD Plus is quite the mouthful. Maybe just call it "You're Welcome".
  • ROFL! Well said.
  • Yah will we be seeing this on verizon this fall if so, possibly by by vigor.
  • I might opt for the rumoured Nexus Prime (SAMOLED HD)...but now that you say there might be a S AMOLED HD+,I have to think it over again.
  • Yeah but while you opt for the Nexus Prime, there will be (as you mentioned) the upcoming Samsung Phone with the SAmoledHD+ without the pentile display, but then as you consider the SAmoledHD+-pentile the Samsung Galaxy S3 first photos will appear and you will have to wait for that, And as you click "checkout" on your carriers website for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung 2013 roadmap will leak on some sweaty guys blog announcing the Samsung SaveMeJesus with a Quadcore cpu triple channel 3GB ram and a 1080p Pentile Super Amoled HD Clearmax 5g display...Pentile of course....the none pentile version set to release 6 months later. Happy shopping.
  • Then Nexus Prime here I come:)
  • Oh god, not a horrible blurry PenTile mess :(
  • Think for a second: at that resolution, you would be looking pretty damn hard to sport the pentile matrix within that screen. It's 1280x720, not 800x480.
  • Super Duper Amoled HD Plus 2
  • Super AMOLED Plus II Turbo HD Remix. Waiting for Samsung to start using the Street Fighter naming convention.
  • I want Nexus Prime to have:
    1- Super AMOLED HD + Z ... (Z is there to make it cool ;P)
    2- Nvidia Tegra 3 Processor
    3- 1.5G RAM (i dunno why that extra 0.5G but it's cool)
    4- 4.3" Screen
    5- HTC Design
    6- SAMSUNG Internals
    7- Google Branding ONLY!!!! ("ONLY")
    8- Ice Cream Sandwich...
    i'm gonna be disappointed!! why?
    1- It will have TI junk processor!!
    2- (maybe 4" display, because it's developing phone not consumer phone)
    3- If SAMSUNG is making internals and Screen, Google might just reduce the cost of paying other company for designing and go with SAMSUNG's crappy, plasticy, cheap, ugly, 80s, disgusting, PLATICY, CHEAP designs!!! Of course these are rumors only xD
  • I highly doubt that you've ever used a Samsung phone, or a phone with a TI processor...
  • i only used a Galaxy S II to be honest... but i think i can judge the quality from their flagship device, can't i? and about a TI processor... no, i've never used one... but i care about the brand name.. nVidia is a far more respectful brand in tech world than TI... so i was bias there, i admit...
  • How short the memory. An engineer at TI, Jack Kilby, was co-inventor of the microchip itself along with Robert Noyce of Intel. NVIDIA is standing on the shoulders of giants and TI is one of them.
  • 4.5"? Come on. 4 should have been the max, and 4.3 is ok but knock it off. I will not get an even bigger screen.
  • LOL...the Nexus Prime *WILL NOT* have the SAMOLED HD+ display. This is what Samsung has now and the Nexus Prime will be out this year. This is current a year they'll probably fit non-pentile displays in that space, so it'll be in the next nexus phone... Ditto 4.5" being a bit too big for a phone unless they can make it nearly edge to edge...the Samsung Infuse feels like a glass panel instead of a phone :-P I also think the pentile display should be ok at this resolution, but we'll have to see the real devices to be sure...