More Samsung Galaxy S III leaky goodness

In the ongoing saga of Samsung Galaxy S III leaks, rumors, and chicanery, a new leak has been posted at Reddit. Mixed in among the U MAD BRO meme pics was the picture you see above, and the post with a brief explanation, supposedly from a fellow with a friend who works at Samsung. We've quoted the following spicy bits for easy reading:

He said that it will possibly have two optional launchers, ICS with touchwiz overlay and vanilla ICS. They aren't 100 percent sure if they will stick with touchwiz or have the dual launcher option. If they go dual, you will have the option of picking which one to use at startup, and you can change any time. He said it has a 4.7 inch screen that nearly takes up the whole phone, but some bezel space was needed for the camera, speakers, mic, and so cases would fit on it. He said it WILL be HD and have a ceramic "micro arc oxidation" back.

Is this for real? We have no idea. But it sure is fun to look at on a Saturday night. Hit the source link to see the various Reditor's take on this one.

Source: Reddit. Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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  • I have only owned HTC devices since I started using android. My wife has a SGSII. I'm debating to stay with HTC or give Sammy a try...
  • Both are good companies for different reasons. HTC is known for solid hardware while Samsung is known for top of the line processors, thin devices, AMOLED screens, light weight...well, I think you get the point. Samsung has much more pros. Give them a try.
  • They're also known for paper mache-like build quality, weak radios, iffy speakers and microphones, and not giving a single damn about timely updates or indeed updates in general...just sayin.
  • I bet most people would stop bitching if Samsung added ballast to make them heavier. Far too many people equate heft with build quality.
  • People that complain about the weight are pretty dumb. My fascinate was nice and light then I switched to the nexus which feels like a brick. I can't imagine holding a fruit phone for very long. People have to realize that you might be holding this device up to your ear for a long time so why would you want your phone to be heavy? Plus the build quality on my nexus and fascinate is 10 times better than the incredible I had.
  • And don't forget the GPS issues lack of a notification lights.
  • Yeah. You explain htc well
  • I really wanted the HTC One X until they screwed the pooch, repeatedly. The lack of an SD card killed the deal, then, US version not a quad core, liars, then the below average screen quality. Have a GS2, not the greatest thing ever, but as good as the One X now. This GS3 will seriously rock HTC's world.(and mine as my upgrade is screaming for this release!)
  • Uh.. the dual-core snapdragon s4 blows the tegra 3 out of the water when it comes to speed...
  • Only on benchmarks which everyone should know by now are highly unreliable to test with. They are each good for their own reasons; as it is how the app/software utilises the architecture/various cores, as to how good it is. ETC
  • wow...but I doubt I would swap my GSII for it
  • I would.....
  • OMG. If they confirm this launches with vanilla ICS this sucker will be the de facto, wet dream, Nexus replacing, O Face inducing phone Android fans have been waiting for.
  • It MIGHT have a stock 4.0 LAUNCHER. You can download those from the market... it doesn't make you get updates any faster to have a stock ICS launcher pre-loaded on the device...
  • Ok, find me a stock launcher and you win. Completely stock, no less.
  • Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher.
  • Just look in the Play Store... Nova, Trebuchet, Apex. All effectively stock.
  • It looks like a Galaxy Note with a Galaxy Nexus screen grab placed on top. Then take a picture of a monitor showing a picture and you've got yourself a "leak".
  • Also, be sure to include a shiny forehead in the reflection of one of the pictures.
  • Just what I was thinking of.
  • For the love of all things holy....please put a notification light on whatever the hell it is!!
  • Try the NoLED app - singlehandedly remove the the one major complaint about my SGS2. Extremely customizable. Not the greatest graphics in the world, but it does the job. Even more importantly, it also adds repeating, audible notifications, that I have not seen in android phones in general.
  • That thing can never replace the nexus and unless that's rooted and has no touchwiz on it.. maad people gonna want it...but Samsung galaxy has always had touchwiz.......pfftttt except for nexus
  • Believe it or not the average consumer does not care about stock Android. For Samsung you are part of the market they don't market this phone to. They want this phone to be uniquely Samsung while adding on to ICS. They will add some features that where previously not available in stock ICS. Yes for a power user skins suck but for an everyday user it makes things easier.
  • Indeed. I actually don't mind most of the skins, because it helps each manufacturer further define their devices. I think some of them can actually add some pretty awesome functionality, i.e. Sense and Touchwiz. Some need to try harder though, as Blur and whatever LG is calling their lame attempt are just a jumbled mess.
  • I wouldnt trade my GS2 for a GN. It runs ICS without TW, is much faster, massively superior camera and i actually prefer the screen.
  • It just looks like a render, I actually notice that the photo is taken to a computer screen by the dots and bars it has all around...
  • Just to put it out there, the ICS leaks for the Epic 4G Touch have both touchwiz and ICS launchers. So that part could be legit. But touchwiz Widgets are proportioned in an odd way on ics launcher.
  • Its looking and sounding better by the moment... Sure hope Sammy does its traditional across the board release on all US Carriers... Sprint with LTE, this is a sure fire winner for my next device ;)
  • Yep, looks like a phone. I'll start caring once the internals are posted. Don't really care what the phone looks like.
  • It occurs to me how silly it is how everyone is waiting to see what this phone looks like. Im sure it will look pretty much like every other smartphone these days. Like 90% screen 10% bezel. Not much variance physically in phones these days. We know whatever the internals this things gonna be fast. We know Samsung's gonna put a beautiful Hd screen on this guy. Its the optional launcher thats gonna put this over the top as an enthusiasts phone. Please take my money.
  • After the big disappointment with my GSII (Lag, battery life, bugs, etc) I think I will give Sammy a second chance with GSIII.
  • Seems like all of Sammy's phones have bugs. They rush to release it, then realize that they didn't check much of the phone.
  • Go away troll. You must've never owned a exynos powered gs2. A snap dragon powered gs2 is basically like owning a HTC phone with a better screen. I just had my co worker change over from a iPhone 4s to the at&t gs2 that is powered by the exynos chip. Not the skyrocket with crap dragon chip. He did not notice any lag and his battery life is comparable to his iPhone 4s. So your point is moot. I showed him what true multitasking was. He us to keep killing apps running in the background thinking it would cause lag. Eventually I told him to leave it alone. He now has anywhere from 6-8 apps running in the background without a hiccup with over 300 megs of ram still being available. A crappy evo3d with zero apps running in the background only has like 250 megs of ram free because sense is so resource heavy.
  • I'm sorry, but this looks nothing like the leak from earlier. I'll take the easier post over this, and it also looks fake and photoshopped. I do like the idea of a dual launcher though, it appeals to have to both crowds. Guess we'll have to see!
  • The picture doesn't seem to have any depth to it. Looks like a render with a crappy light burst to me. Prolly someone just screwing around to see how far it would go.
  • If they truly offer this with the option of a skin/no skin, I WILL have this as my next device. Let's just hope that VZW doesn't let us down again.
  • two things... love the dual boot idea, although i doubt it will happen. it would have them flying off the shelves. secondly, i like the fact that sammy is creating a lot of buzz about their new product. see what releasing fewer well built products does? it creates hype n expectation. i wish more android oem's would take a hint. i think htc did...
  • Looks like they are taking a tip from apple and not releasing any real info on it and letting the media and speculators build up the device. Maybe that means they can launch it two weeks after they announce it like apple does.
  • Looks fake to me.
  • Why is it that you all think its fake......Samsung are a Global company and have some very smart cookies working for them. If this is a fake it is because Samsung wanted you to think it was a fake, these leaks of random pics leaked shots etc are all part of the plan to build up our anticipation. People are not stupid enough to risk there lively hood by leaking a few random pics... Na this is all part of the show
  • Not to Troll or being Anti-Samsung , but isnt Ceramic Fragile ?
    Yes it will give it a Luxury feel, but won't that make it easy to break ? Like the iPhone 4 / 4S ?
  • Not ceramic like a ceramic tile... Google around on micro arc oxidation. Its a treatment technique to metals that make them extremely tough.
  • My bad
    I stand corrected ... Thanks
    I missed the "Micro Arc Oxidation" part, That what happens when walk & read on a cellphone
    at first my mind to Carbo-Ceramic, but then I realized that its expensive materials & it will cost a fortunate to use Again, thank you
  • I just want ALL of you people who come here and first COMPLAIN BITCH & MOAN....then you see the leaked device, THEN your whole attitude changes, then you FINALLY get the device, then you BASH it & repeat the SAME things you been saying about SAMSUNG!. I have been fooled by them, I gave the first rendition of the GSI & the GSII....The hardware is neither here nor there its preference, BUT I hate how the company does updates so I WONT be supporting the company they showed me WHO they are and I BELIEVE THEM why get hooked into the same cycle? Were are the leaders of the world you people are crazy
  • You sound a tad irritated.
  • not irritated "biploer" just here to complain for the sake of complaining there more people here to comment and bash samsung devices than there are people that are actually interested in samsungs next flagship
  • You truly are bipolar! I have been an android user since the beginning and had phones from HTC, Samsung, and Motorola and while each have their strengths and weaknesses, Samsung is by far, hands down, the best of the bunch. PERIOD! If you root your phone, updates aren't an issue as the development community has a great knowledge base and support network for Roms and the such. I know it is preference but Samsung is in the lead right now.
  • This picture is so fake, look at the weird glare. Its just a pic someone took of a mock-up on a computer monitor.
  • Heck, look at the fake rendered shadow under it. It is obviously a picture of a computer monitor or sheet of paper for sure.
  • So, it would be just the launcher that is Touchwiz or vanilla ICS? Would choosing vanilla come with a performance improvement, or would it still have the Touchwiz services/widgets running? Either way, you still don't have vanilla ICS, so your updates take a while longer or don't show up at all, right? If there is not a performance difference for the launchers, I guess I don't understand the point of giving a choice - look and feel only?
  • So, make a lame photo on your PC, take a pic of the screen, post it on the internet, and get all the dorks drooling. I think this guy is ROTFLHAO!!! (as am I)
  • this is one of the worst fakes.
    i think AC must take this down. this is like... horrible.
    at least yesterday's leak looked kind of believable.. this one is just retarded.
    even NO ONE on reddit is buying this one.
  • I hope samsung does go with the dual launcher route and hopefully others would follow suit.
  • Fake. Shopped.
  • Fake or not I just want it on Verizon. I can hold on to the Tbolt for a couple months.
  • If they were to include the option of launchers at first boot I'd be happy.
  • This must be fake, it looks like a photoshopped Galaxy Note with a Vanilla ICS screen pasted on it. READ the reddit comments once in a while.
  • Also does the Android community really want to turn Samsung more into an Apple esk company by gossiping around quite obviously fake "leaks"...nah....oh wait now I'm doing it ;-P
  • According to S4GRU.COM Sprint releasing the HTC codename JET on June 10, and possible it`ll be named as HTC ONE EVO.. Here is the link to it.
  • If they have the dual launcher I would be in heaven. I would be curious to see how the touchwiz would be if it was 5.0 or in some way different
  • Man.....I really get sick of uneducated posts by HTC fanboys. To each, their own I guess. I have had HTC and Samsung devices and both have their strong points and their weak points.....but in my experience, I had alot more problems with HTC devices than Samsung (hardware mainly). I had to have my Evo 4g fixed 3 times because of screen problems and weak speaker blowing out. I had my Evo 3D replaced twice because of faulty camera hardware. Both my Nexus S 4G and my Epic Touch 4G (current device) have never been replaced, or repaired. Not one single problem with either Sammy device.
  • amen..... people talking so much shit about samsung...
    htc has a lotta of their own probs too.
    just because Samsung has some issues, doesn't mean Moto and HTC are suddenly amazing. sick of haters/fanboys.
  • I think this will be my next phone, i dont have an issue with samsung. Im still rocking my epic4g since day one and have never had an issue wiht it.
  • ok, here is something that blow my mind,i was told by an indonesian friend who work for samsung, its under 5 inch long almost the same size of the international sgs2 and she wont say more,hope its true!!!
  • Every phone in my opinion has its strengths and weaknesses. I've only owned the original evo and now the epic touch with sprint. I'm for sure upgrading to the HTC Evo lte when it comes out. As long as the specs don't change. I'm switching to the Evo LTE for a couple of reasons. Micro sd, and beats audio built in. Don't get me wrong I like my Epic Touch but I listen to alot of audio and video and beats audio is supposed to be awesome. I just hope they make the battery removable. Just my 2cents.