More Nexus S Gingerbread pics and specs leak

An unnamed source has leaked pictures of the Nexus S running Gingerbread to XDA-Developers, and some rumored specs to go along with. There's about half a dozen blurrycam shots (aren't they always?) showing the software information, the UI, and the device itself -- check the source link for the gallery.

The rumored specs are:

  • ArmV7 CPU
  • Open GL ES Supported
  • ~328MB Ram
  • 1GB Internal Memory
  • 800×480 Screen Resolution
  • 4″ Screen Size
  • SuperAmoled2 – Possibly
  • 720P HD Video

I certainly hope (and think) those specs will turn out not quite right, as they are a bit underwhelming.  Hopefully Google or Samsung will give us some real information about this one soon. [XDA-Developers via Android and Me]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I hope so too. Doesn't seem like a long term solution. 4 inch does seem like a sweet spot for the screens though. Would be nice to start seeing some standards
    , as much as I like options. 1 Gig storage? Really?
  • Please google, I want a high res screen. Please? 1024*600 doesn't seem impossible as a high res phone standard. Even at 4", that still provides a (slightly) lower pixel density than the iPhone 4, but at ~300PPI, I don't think anyone will be complaining. Also, low ram spec is pretty sad.
  • i think they have 512 ram actually. But Just part of it was used for the Lag problem that occurred in the Galaxy S line. But that is just my opinion. But yeah....even if im right, i dont like the idea so much.
  • You're right that it has 512MB of ram, but wrong about the fact that part of it is used to fix the lag problem. Some of it is reserved for radio and GPU functions, etc.
  • why all the baseband and kernel information black barred?
  • That's also my question, what's the deal with blanking out part of the kernel version?
  • I certainly hope the 1GB storage part is wrong.
  • If this thing is running Gingerbread (Man).... I don't see why the SE X10 cannot.
  • You'd have to wait until 2012 though
  • Those stats are really pathetic. Even now certain phones that are few months old have better stats. Droid 2 international sports a 1.2 GHz processor and even the Droid X has better stats than that (512MB RAM 854x480 resolution). I highly doubt those specs are legit.
  • that whole 300ish ram is prolly the fix to the whole galaxy s lag problem. sigh....this seem like a bad sign
  • You're wrong. I would explain but all my detailed explanations get flagged as sapm.
  • You can't really compare them yet because we don't even know what Processor it's going to use
  • Don't worry, it has 512MB of RAM. The number reported there is just what's available to the user. And 854x480 is really no better than 800x480. Just different. And GHz isn't everything. Hummingbird has a much better GPU than the latest OMAPs for example.
  • Lol not even worth stressing. This is another "REMINDER" to fill headlines and ramp up anticipation. Dual core will be the standard to shoot for in 2011 dual core will is what's holding everything back right now. these might be the specs of a 2011 mid range but they just seem odd across the board
  • They do seem old, but nothing else has better specs right now.
  • Unimpressive...get back to work designers
  • Great specs...... for last year!
  • How am I supposed to decide between this and the PlayStation Phone?
  • I just hope that it has better specs an it comes to Verizon
  • I'm thinking. Its time to update. The dinc
  • From the pictures, this phone looks like my Epic form factor without the keyboard (rounded back and corners, etc...). The only problem is that like my Epic, it's made by Samsung, which means it'll be really slow in the update department.
  • sigh....this again.....ummm, it's a Nexus and vanilla android, most likely the update is handled by the Google Team, NOT samsung. So no bs from the carriers and samsung that will delay the updating process.
  • Wow. The spec for the Moto Olympus are way better than this. Go AT&T!
  • wow jerry you read my mind I was just thinking the same thing as I was reading those specs, with the specs fr today phones I would expect something stronger
  • I was going to buy this phone for sure. I really was. Despite how everyone has been hating it for being by Samsung and being plastic. I was still going to get it. But now? Forget it. I don’t care if it has a dual code processor and great screen. It needs to have 1 GB of RAM or 768 MB at least. This phone may be ugly but it needs to have amazing specs and no GPS problems or any lag problems. Otherwise I will stick with my nexus one.
  • Any ideas on the carrier? I would assume it is T mobile but I'm hoping for AT&T. I can't image that this is for verizon (despite the talk a while ago of bring any device you want) or sprint. Google seems like it only likes to support GSM because you can drop in the SIM and go without talking to the carrier.
  • the ram will be 768mb or 1gb ...anyone wanna bet? why would it be less?
  • Everyone seems to be focusing on what the phone will or won't be, and whether it'll be the technological leap forward (for Android) that the Nexus was... Frankly I don't think it has to be that at all, particularly if it's launching in December or January with Gingerbread on board. I think it'll be far more interesting to find out HOW Google intends to sell this, they already said online-only was not an option after the Nexus project failed to move a lot of volume (even tho it succeeded in other ways).
  • Bottom line is it's a samsung galaxy line which in itself is more than enough for me to pass on. Sorry galaxy owners I just think you all got the shaft.
  • posted on XDA - "UPDATE: 11/25/10 13:20 PST: According to our source we have a Confirmed Dual Core Orion 1GHz CortexA9 running inside the Nexus S, we Can’t verify this ourself and are waiting for further verification. Stand by for more pics/specs this afternoon." Sounds like good news ;)
  • Update, its dual core... my god I hope that isn't the official spec sheet, not much RAM however I do hope it has Orion diual core