After reporting that the $179 price of the T-Mobile G1 may or may not be "real" we decided to find out for ourselves. Initially, the T-Mobile system was down and asked us to try again but after a few more tries, we were finally able to get in. Hoping to snatch one of these puppies for the $179 price, we typed in our login information only to find that we didn't qualify for that much reported price. Instead we were faced with the $299 offer.

Hmm. At the Android Event we don't remember anyone from T-Mobile or Google mentioning that there would be different price tiers, but it looks like that is to be the case. After getting off the phone with a T-Mobile Rep, they helped us determine that the $179 offer is those who are eligible for an upgrade. Specifically, those in the 22nd month and beyond of a 2 year contract. It looks like all those T-Mobile customers who don't fit that bill will be getting the $299 offer.

In other words, tough luck us. Unless you qualify for an upgrade be aware that the price of the T-Mobile G1 will be $299. As for the price for new T-Mobile customers? We don't quite know that yet..