Monitor your baby with the Eufy SpaceView 720p camera on sale for $110

Eufy Spaceview 720p
Eufy Spaceview 720p

The Eufy Security SpaceView 720p video baby monitor has dropped to $109.99 at Amazon. We saw this baby monitor drop to around $120 way back in January, and that was a deal worth sharing at the time. Outside of price drops like that, the SpaceView normally sells for around $160 or more, and without Eufy selling it it tends to jump higher than $200. Today's deal matches the lowest price we've seen in over six months.

Has a large 5-inch 720p display for a sharp picture. Let's you see everything your little troublemaker is doing. Includes a wide-angle lens for when your baby starts moving around more. Get instant alerts. Has a range up to 1,000 feet in open area.

This baby monitor lets you both see and hear your little one. The 5-inch 720p display is better than most monitors you'll find on the market, and there's a wide-angle lens included for when your kid transitions from crib to climbing-out-of-the-crib-and-wreaking-havoc. Fun times. You can tilt and pan the lens to see corner-to-corner, and there's a wall mount included for customized coverage. The night vision mode allows you to see in the dark.

This also has some nice features to help you relax. The built-in thermostat shows you at a glance what the temperature of the nursery is. The Smart Alert system notifies you when your baby is crying, and those combined with the video feed means you won't have to get up to double-check. Finally, if a lullaby is needed, the two-way voice communication lets you speak to your child from up to 460 feet away.

Life pro tip: You're going to spend about as much time staring at your baby monitor hoping your baby calms down and goes to sleep as you will actually sleeping... so you want one that's nice to look at! Lucky you, you can also save a chunk of change while you're at it.

If you need more advanced features, look at the Eufy SpaceView Pro. It's currently $170, but we have seen it go on sale for $145 recently so keep an eye out.

John Levite
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