Money to burn? Check out these stereo megaphones for your HTC phone

As part of its "Here's to Creativity" program in the UK, HTC has teamed up with designer Justin Wolter to introduce a new (and very expensive) stereo acoustic amplifier for the HTC One. A follow-up to the monaural iPhone original, the Gramohorn II is a 3D-printed megaphone-for-your-phone, which boosts volume and bass from the HTC One's BoomSound speakers through resonance and amplification. The cradle captures the output from the One's already thunderous output through two gramophone-like chambers, amplifying output without the need for any electronics.

However the Gramohorn doesn't come cheap — you're looking at £999 (around $1600) for a plaster resin build, or £4999 ($8040) in "a selection of milled metals" for the custom-made dock.

Engadget reports that separate cradles can also be used to pair the Gramohorn II with an HTC One Mini or One Max, if that's your thing.

Source: HTC (opens in new tab), Gramohorn II (opens in new tab); via: Engadget (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
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  • Yeah, Ok. I'm sure those will sell out fast. Posted via Android Central App
  • Who the Hell would buy that!??
  • The same people who buy those $5000 to $1000 custom smartphones - people with more money than brains.
  • 999GBP or 4999GBP ?! Are there really people willing to spend two or ten times the money they spent for their phones... on amplifiers?
  • Maybe if I can also drink beer out of it.....nah, still too pricey.
  • Lol that's crazy... :P
  • Want! ...and I don't even have a HTC phone.
  • That would look great in my home. Unfortunately, $1600 is a tad too expensive for me. Then again, I'm willing to spend that amount on some products, just not smartphone speakers that only work with HTC devices. Outstanding design, though. Posted via Android Central App, HTC One
  • Lmao no thanks. Maybe if it were $100. I'm not paying the same as I would for Glass for something dumb like that. Posted via Android Central App
  • $300 or less gets you an actual Bluetooth speaker that works with any phone and not just something you'll get rid of in 2 years. Sounds like someone bought a 3D printer then pitched an idea to make it pay for itself.
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • That looks absolutely ridiculous! No thanks.
  • Just imagine all the laughs you would get when your friends saw that thing. Imagine how much harder they would laugh when you tell how much it cost.