The Mobilicity brand is disappearing, subsumed into Chatr Mobile, says parent company Rogers.

According to an FAQ posted on Mobilicity's website, its 150,000-odd customers will be ported over to Chatr's billing system with "comparable plans," based on information sent to MobileSyrup. Mobilicity will stop activating lines on August 15th, and will shut down the brand by the fall.

Rogers purchased Mobilicity in mid-2015 for $465 million after working out a deal with the former Conservative government to sell off a considerable portion of the company's spectrum to Wind Mobile (which was then purchased by Shaw Communications).

In the subsequent months, Mobilicity customers were incentivized to upgrade their devices in order to take advantage of Rogers' more robust 3G network, on which Chatr also runs.

Mobilicity notes that "by joining the chatr mobile... you can enjoy larger chatr zones and their consistent and reliable network," which has been competing with Mobilicity and Wind Mobile since 2009, when the new entrants launched.

Unlike Rogers' other flanker brand Fido, Chatr has mostly assembled a client base of prepaid users that typically don't use much data, if at all. The company unveiled a deceptive "unlimited data" plan last month that caps 3G speeds at 3Mbps, up to 1GB per month.

Some Mobilicity stores and dealers will be forced to close, while others will be rebranded as Chatr locations.