Office Remote

Office Remote — as its name suggests — acts as a remote through which you can control your presentations. The app works in conjunction with a desktop add-in installed on your PC, with actions undertaken on the app transmitted to the PC via Bluetooth. You need to have a desktop version of Office 2013 and the corresponding add-in for Office Remote to work with your PC.

At this stage, the app allows you to control the following functions:


  • View current slide and laser point using touch on your phone
  • Next slide preview
  • Play and pause embedded audio and video files
  • View slide thumbnails and jump to a slide
  • View speaker notes on your phone
  • View presentation timer and slide numbers


  • Change worksheets by swiping
  • Use Slicers, PivotTable, and Filters
  • Jump to any named object in your workbook
  • Move up or down the worksheet
  • Change the zoom level


  • Jump to headings
  • Jump to comments
  • Screen up/down
  • Line up/down
  • Change the zoom level

Previously available exclusively for Windows Phone 8, the launch of Office Remote on Android highlights Microsoft's commitment to bring more and more of its services to other platforms. There's no word as yet as to when Office Remote will be available on iOS, or when it'll be compatible with Office for Mac. Probably not too long considering the Office 2016 for Mac preview is in full swing.

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