Skype has been updated by Microsoft, introducing a refreshed design for users of the popular communication service to enjoy. The company has implemented a number of visual refreshers to make Skype that much more gorgeous to use on your mobile phone. Version 5.6 should be hitting your hardware at some point today.

Microsoft has made it so the recent tab now displays more conversations, enabling you to remain in touch with all your contacts without having to scroll to the end of time and feel lost. It's now also possible to see whether or not your friends are online anywhere in the app with some awesome-looking unified avatar pictures.

Skype For Android

As well as the improved chat view and avatars, the company has also adjusted the colors of chat bubbles to make it easier for you to keep track of who says what in conversations. Lastly, Microsoft has deployed various fixes and minor improvements to help make the overall experience a stable one.

The update should start rolling out at some point today. Stay tuned to your Google Play update notifications.

Source: Microsoft