Microsoft unveils Xbox SmartGlass, "second screen" functionality heading to Android

Our buddies over at WPCentral are out in LA right now enjoying the Xbox keynote presentation at E3. Microsoft presentations wouldn't really interest us much, but surprisingly there was a specific mention of Android. It seems the newly unveiled Xbox SmartGlass feature will be compatible with Android. 

It offers an Airplay-esque functionality, in that videos viewed on a tablet for example can be transferred over to the big screen and picked up where you left off. When viewing on the TV, the tablet then becomes a second screen, displaying additional content. An example shown off was with popular series Game Of Thrones, where the tablet became a map tracking all the on screen action. 

The keynote has just finished, so we'll be looking forward to further coverage on this from the guys over at WPCentral. 

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Richard Devine