Microsoft to cut Cortana from Android, iOS, Invoke, and more

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is ending support for the Cortana apps on iOS and Android.
  • Microsoft is ending support for Cortana on the Harman Kardon Invoke Speaker.
  • Microsoft is ending support for the current version of Cortana on the original Surface Headphones.
  • Need we go on?

Microsoft announced several cuts coming to Cortana, its digital assistant today, including ending support for third-party Cortana skills, the Cortana apps on iOS and Android, and Cortana support of the Harman Kardon Invoke speaker. These cuts come as part of Microsoft's shift of Cortana towards being a productivity-centered assistant.

Cortana support for the various devices won't be cut off at once. Cortana skills will no longer be supported as of September 7, 2020. In early 2021, Microsoft will stop supporting the Cortana apps on iOS and Android. Harman Kardon Invoke speakers will lose support for Cortana in January 2021.

Microsoft points people toward other features that Cortana has on different platforms. For example, the company highlights the Cortana experience on Windows 10 (opens in new tab). Additionally, Microsoft points to the Cortana integration on Outlook mobile (opens in new tab) and the fact that the Teams mobile app will soon support Cortana voice assistance (opens in new tab).

While the Harman Kardon Invoke will no longer support Cortana, it will still work as a speaker for music. A firmware update will ship to the Harman Kardon in early 2021 that will allow people to use the device as a Bluetooth speaker. According to Microsoft, "The firmware update will be delivered automatically to devices connected to wifi within six months of its release."

As a bit of consolation, Microsoft will send one $50 Microsoft gift card per active Invoke to the U.S.-based Microsoft account used to set up the speaker. To receive that gift card, you'll have to have sent a voice request to Cortana with the device after July 31, 2019 but prior to Microsoft's announcement today. Presumably this is to stop people from grabbing a bunch of unused Invoke devices to earn gift cards.

In addition to removing Cortana support from several devices, Microsoft is removing the previous version of Cortana from the first version of the Surface Headphones in early 2021. Going forward, all versions of the Surface Headphones and the Surface Earbuds will be able to use Cortana through the integration with Outlook Mobile. This integration can read emails and help manage your inbox.

People affected by the Surface Headphones change will receive a $25 Microsoft Store gift card.

"We've spent a lot of time thinking through this transition and understand that these changes may be disruptive to some of our customers," says the company toward the end of its announcement.

Some will point to these changes as Microsoft cutting consumers off. Others will see it as a shift from a consumer-facing Cortana to a digital assistant focused on productivity tasks. In either case, Microsoft seems aware that the move will cause frustration.

Sean Endicott
  • Being aware doesn't mean they give a darn. Which they don't.
  • Sad, I use Cortana on my Invoke speaker often. Great sounds. Cortana on Windows Phone was SO HELPFUL for the simple: Remind me when I go to any Walmart to pick up
    Remind me when I get to work that
    Remind me when I get home to It was so useful when I trucked along with my 950XL...
  • Good riddance, Cortana was as irrelevant as Windows Phone and just as useless as Siri. I and most people didn't care for Cortana and don't use Cortana on my Windows Laptop.
  • Speak for yourself... Cortana was immensely useful on Windows Phone. I could use the hands free system in my car to tie into it and start music, navigation, make calls, send new texts and more. It would also automatically read out incoming text messages over the same system then seamlessly return back to my music. This is something that I still cannot get Google Assistant to do.
  • Cortana is just as useless as Siri.
  • Thank you spokes person for everyone
  • I got this email today, and got my $50 gift card redemption. I bought the speaker for $40 🤣
  • Heading to Windows Central with the 🍿
  • Cortana was cool until now
  • Hopefully Microsoft removes Cortana from Windows 10.