Media Browser

The Media Browser team have announced an update for Android that brings the same features offered by the recent Windows Phone build. This latest release introduces support for Media Browser Connect, offering easier access to home servers without having to mess around with IP addresses. Not only is it now more convenient to access owned servers, but the team have also made it so server owners can easily share access with others.

The new Connect service is handled by the Media Browser community forum, which manages accounts and synchronizes everything together. This makes it possible for easy sharing by allowing others to access your server by simply accepting an invitation email and logging into their account - no requirement for an IP address to be supplied.

Specific libraries can be configured for access, just in case you'd rather not have guests enjoying your Justin Bieber collection. If you'd like to read more about Media Browser Connect, be sure to check out their full announcement on the new account system.

Visit the official website for more details on Media Browser, as well as to download the apps and the server package to get started.

Source: Media Browser