When you need all the storage you can get, Cyber Monday is an excellent opportunity for you to find a great deal on an external hard drive. The trusty Seagate 16TB Expansion desktop external hard drive allows you to maximize your storage while minimizing your spending. You won't have to think about adding more storage to your setup for quite some time thanks to this massive upgrade.

Seagate expansion HDD

Seagate 16TB Expansion Desktop External Hard Drive

Looking to maximize your storage with a trusty external hard drive that can store all of your files? This 16TB Seagate Expansion desktop external hard drive requires no additional software and is automatically recognized by Windows. It doesn't get much easier than this!

$275 at B&H

There may come a time when your computer runs out of internal storage. Fortunately, there are tons of external hard drives to choose from these days. If you want to find a sweet deal on Cyber Monday, you'll appreciate the savings that come with this Seagate 16TB Expansion desktop external hard drive.

You'll have all the convenience you need without any hassle or extra steps. This Seagate Expansion desktop external hard drive is preformatted for systems that run Windows 7 and later. You won't have to deal with any software installations and there's nothing to configure. Whether you're storing photos, videos, music, or documents, the process has never been easier. Simply drag and drop your files for a speedy data transfer.

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While this Seagate Expansion external hard drive offers micro-USB 3.0 connectivity, it's also compatible with USB 2.0. Your drive comes with a 4-foot USB 3.0 cable and a power adapter. Once you've plugged in the power cord and the USB 3.0 cord, you're ready to start saving your digital files to the hard drive.

Cyber Monday is your chance to save big on important purchases. You'll get $40 off the Seagate 16TB Expansion desktop external hard drive and you'll enjoy tons of storage for years to come. This is just one of the many Cyber Monday deals available right now, so stay tuned for more!

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