Make it stop! CrackBerry Kevin busts a Galaxy S8 on the way to KEYone durability redemption

The BlackBerry KEYone has been through the wringer over the past week or so, with claims that its screen, bereft of sufficient adhesive, easily detaches from the body with only a small amount of force. Popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything entered the phone into its oh-so-sad Hall of Shame after Zack was easily able to break the phone with his bare hands. A small number of people had already reported the screen detaching through normal everyday use.

Shortly afterwards, BlackBerry Mobile released a statement saying it was looking into the problem — which has only affected a handful of units — and may alter the manufacturing process to include additional adhesive in future units.

Still, CrackBerry Kevin took the assertion that the KEYone was weak as a challenge, pitting the phone against the Galaxy S8+ and iPhone 7 Plus in a number of durability challenges. I won't spoil the surprise, but suffice it to say the KEYone did better than even I expected.

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Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Great video. Can't wait to pick up my keyone!!
  • You can't wait to pickup a phone with a keyboard? Welcome to 2006
  • Are you serious?? Have you ever used one?
  • Of course he never. that comment would not be made if he did. The keyone is SICK!
  • Yep. I love physical keyboards
  • I don't think the KEYone is weak per se. It just lacked a secure adhesive for its display, which is actually quite the blunder.
  • Poor Keyone's.... it always makes me sad seeing phones break.
  • I think the bigger story here is that Crackberry still exists! Who knew?? ;)
  • All 5 people on Crackberry
  • The KeyOne sold out on Amazon and Best Buy on release date smh, 5 people, get your mind right.
  • In all fairness, selling out doesn't mean much. It could literally mean 5 phones or 5 million.
  • This article has over 700 comments on Crackberry already.
  • Just remember, BB10 still has more users than windows 10 mobile. ha ha.
  • Is that true? The fact that I have to ask is bad enough!
  • lol, just because you don't read about other mobile operating systems and companies doesn't mean that everyone is as closed minded or ignorant
  • It was a joke...It's amazing how fast people are willing to call some closed minded or ignorant.
  • Crackberry actually has huge engagement on their site and has a good community. Also to state the obvious, the KEYone runs nougat and gets android patches faster than almost every phone. I think the smart keyboard absolutely speaks to current day smartphone users and enhances much of a user experience. Weird how BlackBerry as an android device gets so much hate on here? I've been using one since launch and it is a wonderful phone! Use it from 6am to 11pm heavily and I have yet to even come close to draining the battery. Maybe 38% at most with wifi, location, Bluetooth on etc..
  • No hate, just a joke.
  • Blackberry users are a dying breed, which makes them very sensitive. Kevin is their god king which adds another layer of sensitivity.
  • Is there something​ the keyone could be "dipped" in to make the keyboard water repellent? Great video..and if you want to pitch in the Tesla for the giveaway 😎😀😂
  • Would have to be something done during assembly at the manufacturing level.
  • Thanks. I've seen some "aftermarket" dipping process on other phones,but wondered how it would effect the keys.
  • This would be the perfect device for my 83-year-old momma! She wants an Android device with the best physical keyboard, etc., and it's tough as her.
  • I desperately am in need of a new phone as my nephew has a seizure disorder and I am his emergency contact. My old Nexus 4 is dying a slow death, and I can't afford a replacement. Seeing blatant waste of a phone I would love is kind of disturbing. I am not looking for sympathy, just stating an opinion. I can see where this video would be helpful to a person looking for the durability of a possible new purchase though.
  • Wow, thank you so much for doing this. I've had a K1 on order for my wife from Amazon and they just notified me it will ship next week. Then I hear all the issues with the screen. I feel more confident I'll get a durable phone. Now all I need is one for myself, wink, wink, CBK
  • it seems that as long as you don't go bending it like zack on Jerryrigeverything you should be fine. Although I should mention that the blackberry Passport had a similar issue where the screen would lift off over time on some units.
  • The KeyOne seems pretty durable to me. Thanks for the reassurance Mythbuster CBK 👌
  • I didn't think it was weak either, and a drop test is not the same as intentionally bending it. I've been working with my hands since I was eleven years old, and can pretty much break any phone with my hands, but that's not something that people do accidentally. A case in point is is the HTC M9... a phone which I personally did not like. However, the thing kept working in test videos well beyond reasonable use, including drops to concrete from 10 feet. In one video, they did a burnout with a motorcycle on the screen which flung the M9 across the parking lot. Still working. Then they propped it up and hit it with the motorcycle so hard the phone guts were all out, and it was still working. Then Zack (Jerryrigged) comes along in a different video, manages to bend it, and adds it to his shelf of shame.
    I will say that Zach has a good understanding of physics, and knows how to pick pressure points of failure. The guy in THIS video does not, or has weak hands.
  • PS: I was disappointed in the Tesla launch... maybe it was an older version? Looked kind of sluggish to this retired NHRA licensed driver.
  • Seems that the time to change my Blackberry Passport with the KEYone came. Great video, thanks for the test. They made a durable phone that looks good also.
  • I drop my phone off my Tesla like every day! I'm gonna have to trade it in for a Bentley.
  • In the real world, nobody throws their phone against a brick wall.
  • Wait till you get a wife. Nothing is sacred from their wrath.
  • My wife never throws things, but I did have a funny event years earlier. I was at the house of a girl fixing her car one night, and out of nowhere she walks into the room wearing only a towel and begins pulling down the window shades. My naive self thought "Oh it must be her bedtime", so I said I had to get going and left, not knowing why she was throwing ashtrays and bottles...
    I'm a little better at picking up hints now, but not much, lol.
  • great video, you could have just turned on a video on youtube and placed it in a tub/pot of water.. stronger than expected
  • I like how someone made a factual statement, "at least some KeyOne phones do not have an adhesive holding their screens on," which caused Kevin to prove that glass phones are less durable than non-glass phones. Groundbreaking stuff here guys, I guess Blackberry fans get their shots in when they can.
  • I was a bit surprised by the outcome of this. The KeyOne is much more durable than I had thought. I wasn't surprised when the S8 died. that seemed like a given.
  • This was one of the best drop test videos I've seen. Probably the most realistic. Except I'm not married to an Italian so I don't see a lot of phone throwing.
  • What? No Alpine Hammer-Claw test?
  • I want to win #3, please ... I have 5 kids (ages 16 years,7 years,5 years,2 years,7 months), bet they can put it to the test LOL
  • Are these III and IIII, CDMA models???
  • Oh man, I have a Pixel XL and love it but I'm always watching every KeyOne video that comes out... I'm trying to find an excuse to get one... It's awesome to know the durability legacy is there from yesteryear! Nice vid!
  • The Priv needs a second generation.
  • I love the KeyOne. Mine got a little scuff on it when I dropped it on some asphalt but that's about it. Would love to have another one so that I can give it to my mom!