MacGyver is pretty much an American icon at this point, so it's only fitting that he should have his own game as well. MacGyver Deadly Descent has rolled onto Android today serving up plenty of mulleted goodies for fans of all ages — no Swiss army knife required. While the game itself involves more puzzle solving than MacGyverisms, it's still a blast to play.

Deadly Descent puts Mac inside the top secret D.A.W.N Laboratories, needing to save the scientists trapped inside before they run out of air (very reminiscent of the pilot episode of MacGyver). To do so, you'll need to solve puzzles that include laser beams, circuit and various other contraptions. As you progress though the series of puzzles, you'll get further along your way into the lab.


  • Do 'a MacGyver' and tackle man-sized problems in a pressure situation.
  • Solve the puzzles and unravel the mystery to save the day.
  • Challenge your logic, memory and ingenuity with six puzzle categories.
  • Official MacGyver Product created in conjunction with Lee David Zlotoff.
  • Hours of challenging re-playable entertainment.
  • Featuring interactive 3D graphics.
  • Bonus rewards for the top players.
  • Links to free cheat app for those of weak character.
  • A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the game will go to support The MacGyver Foundation.

MacGyver Deadly Descent isn't much more than a puzzle game, with not so much MacGyver, but it's still fun to play and definitely worth my $2.99.