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A look at the new Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Even though it didn't actually offer a phone with Qi charging built-in, Samsung has previously sold a basic Qi charger for those who added it after the fact to their phone. Now that the Galaxy S6 has wireless charging from the start, it was as good a time as any for Samsung to refresh its wireless charger with a new design. The Wireless Charging Pad, as it's simply known, now looks like it belongs in the same design category as the GS6 and will likely be added on to plenty of phone orders in the coming months.

Samsung Qi charger

Qi wireless chargers are all pretty much the same in terms of function, and aside from the looks there's not much you can do to differentiate. The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad is about the same size as many others out there — 3.75-inches wide, and about .75-inches thick — but of course stands out a bit with its circular design. The flying saucer style charger also comes in both black (or very deep blue, depending on the light) and white colors to perfectly match the color of Galaxy S6 you choose, and has a nice 5-foot long charging cable and 5V / 2A charging brick included in the box.

A rubber pad on the bottom keeps the charger well planted on your desk or table, and a small rubber circle on the top of the charger does its best to hold onto your phone. Unfortunately Samsung's choice to use a flat glass back on the Galaxy S6 is working against it when it comes to keeping the phone planted on any wireless charger, and the amount of rubber on the Wireless Charging Pad isn't quite enough to keep Samsung's own phone stable on the top.

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Unless the charger is on a perfectly-flat table (our best guess is your tables aren't) that's never touched or walked near, you'll have to be careful about how you place the phone to keep it from sliding off. If you're smart about it you let the camera pod on the back rest up against the edge to keep the phone on its spot, but more than a few times we found the GS6 had slid off of its charger while we were away. The Galaxy S6 kept itself stuck a bit more consistently on larger flat chargers like the TYLT Vu Solo (which is also about $10 cheaper, so we would've preferred if Samsung put a little more grip to the top of its offering.

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Samsung Qi charger

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Samsung Qi charger

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Samsung Qi chargers

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Samsung Qi charger

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Samsung Qi charger

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Samsung Qi charger

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Samsung Qi charger

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Samsung Qi charger

In order to tell at a glance whether your phone is charging the Wireless Charging Pad does have a nice little LED array on the front edge of the charger that will light up a light blue when charging and green when completely charged. During the day the LEDs aren't quite bright enough to be seen from afar, but at night they may be bright enough to bother you if the charger was next to your bed. We didn't have too much of a problem with it, but wouldn't be surprised if the always-on light while charging was a deal breaker for those who wanted to charge overnight with it.

At $50 this certainly isn't the cheapest Qi charger out there, and though it's one that nicely matches your fresh new Galaxy S6 — in color and brand — it probably isn't the best choice in terms of features or value. If you plan on using your Galaxy S6 without a case you'll probably want a larger, rubber-topped Qi charger that'll hold onto the phone more securely. And if you don't have a Galaxy S6, there's no real reason to pay the premium for this charger over any other — maybe keep an eye out for when this one gets a price cut.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • What charge does the S6 see through this official charging pad? 760mA like most Qi chargers?
  • Doesn't seem to charge any faster/slower than any other Qi pad.
  • That's what interests me too. I'm not sure how accurate the Ampere App ( is, but a comparison between wireless chargers would be interesting - if there is any noticeable difference.
  • I'm interested only because if I miss the free charger from Best Buy pre-order, am I really missing much? I've got several Qi pads already that work fine. If the Samsung one is "better" then I'd make sure to get in on that.
  • As the words up above say, you're not missing much here other than a free charger... If you have another Qi one that works just fine, just use it. It's a standard, they all charge about the same.
  • I'm looking forward for qi charging to speed up charging and intensity. Wireless charging is great when you come home and put your phone down or at work sitting on your desk. If you need to charge quickly before leaving the house then the fast charge is the best way to go.
  • You may have already missed out on the free charger from Best Buys pre-order. I attempted to pre-order the S6 from Best Buy just so I could get the wireless charger and even though it still says it as a promotional item I received a notification during the online check-out process that the wireless charger would not be free since they were all out of the promotional chargers. The check-out process then attempted to add and charge me for the $60 charger, I backed out and canceled my preorder and will just plan on picking up my S6 when they are in the store.
  • Never do offers that aren't ONLINE ONLY Best Buy, Radio Shack, tech stores of similar style, online. Sales reps can always overwrite some of that stuff in stores. Wife and I got 2 Galaxy Edges with the free chargers and gift cards. Plus if you have a high data plan with your carrier, you get $25 credit per Galaxy device back on your plan. Learned that by talking to the Samsung Experience rep at Best Buy. Sometimes it's good to get out of the house and go to the store.
  • Hello
    I have the Tylt & it charge my S6 Edge 25% in 1 hr
    Does anyone else have more Fast than this ?
  • I was able to see 890mA on the test model at Best Buy using Ampere from the app store.
  • Samsung actually gave me that for free when I preordered. They have this promo here in the Philippines that if you preorder before april 5 they,d give you a wireless charger, sweet. Didn't know this actually cost $50.
  • Some USA carriers were doing similar bundles. One carrier (T-Mobile) is giving away a year of Netflix.
  • Can find the Nokia Qi Chargers fairly cheap now a days. Especially the fat boy pillow Qi Chargers But I like this Samsung one. Just not the price. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Haven't tested the pillow, but it should work just fine. All I can say is don't use the Nokia DT900 plate... won't work with the GS6.
  • The DT900 was spotty with many phones, including the Nexus 4. I've seen some say it works, and others cay they couldn't get it to work. Even when a phone and charger support the same wireless charing standard, some of the first generation products simply don't get along very well.
  • The Nexus 4 just had flaky wireless charging all around. The GS6 charges off of the DT-900 just fine, for about 30 seconds before it slides off... it's just not the right design for that phone to use.
  • Glass phone needs velcro ;-) Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App
  • Yeah that was a Nexus 4 issue. The Nexus 5 and 6 work fine on the DT900. I have like 4 of them.
  • Hmm. Good to know. Bummer cause those are going for the cheap and the rubber would protect great. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is simply not true. The S6 Active works just fine on my DT900..
  • Nokia Qi is just horrible - had 2 and both died in 3 months. via AC App on VZW Moto X DE/N7
  • That pillow looks huge! How well does that work? I found this one to be an excellent mini charger as the entire top/bottom is silicon and grips everything just fine. 19.99 Prime Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • Nokia does not make the FatBoy charger, do they? Do the "pillow" style chargers hold in excess heat during charging? That's my one concern about them.
  • I also received a free pad by ordering through Best Buy!
  • IMHO it looks not too different to other plastic charger out there. Got this beautiful Bamboo charger for only 30 bucks:
    looks great on my nightstand
  • Looks beautiful, but have a feeling a smooth wood charger wouldn't hold onto a glass phone that well.
  • Its not smooth polished. its quite grippy from the grain of the wood. bit like some non treated ikea furniture you find, but I think it has some wax finish or something to protect it. Any it pretty grippy when I use my spigen hard case on S5 which is pretty smooth. let me check if my wife iPhone 4 will slide off it. and let you know.
  • Think you underestimate how slippery a Galaxy S6 is :P . Even on rubberized chargers it likes to slide around, something like that just wouldn't be able to keep it put.
  • Looks cool- there'll be millions more people who'll sensibly put a grippy, or at least somewhat grippy case on their expensive glass S6 than not, so a slippery surface won't be a factor for most of the public. I found that the Ravpower Qi charger to be pretty excellent. It's silicon all the way around. Less than 20 bucks on Amazon Prime. Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • It's just me or that Qi Charger looks huge!
  • Isn't qi the inferior one of the two technologies Samsung supports? Posted via the Android Central App
  • its not inferior, if anything its superior to PMA, just because Duracell says its better doesn't make it so. the evidence is the adoption rate. Powermat is older than Qi but 0 phones before Samsung S6 supported it. :) . whereas Qi almost supports 100 phones
  • Qi is not the inferior one. But the S6 supports both Qi and PMA. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Qi is the drastically more adopted one.
  • Man I may be taking mine to work. Didn't realize it had the Led. That would keep me up for sure. Posted via Android Central App
  • ProTip: a drop of black nail polish on the LED = problem solved.
  • Are there any Qi chargers out there that let you just place the phone on without having to be perfectly precise? I have two, but i have to pretty much place them in a very specific spot for it to start charging.
  • Tylt Vu
  • Cheers! Pretty pricey, though, wow! Normally $215?
  • No, that's Amazon 3rd party seller scummy pricing. $69, but I got 2 on BF for $39/each
  • Wow, I knew Amazon did that to a degree, but that's just ridiculous. What's BF?
  • Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving in the US. Huge shopping day ahead of the holiday season to "bring retailers into the black (profit)." Basically a wet dream for consumerism. People loose their minds and spend money they don't have. Retailers offer low prices on some items to lure money into their stores/websites.
  • BF????
  • Yes. Above.
  • Also the Choe Stadium Qi charger. It has 3 coils so it doesn't have to lay on it perfectly.
  • It's still got to be in the middle of one of them right? Otherwise it will just get hot and waste a lot of power (and thus charge slower).
  • Panasonic via AC App on VZW Moto X DE/N7
  • That's what I meant. The sensibility for the perfect position is driving me crazy. I believed to have read that the other method had a wider range? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Tylt is great but big
  • The Vu Solo is smaller than the Samsung one.
  • Well if your going to get the S6 anyway, just pre order at Best Buy and get it for free. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Went to best buy and tried the wireless charger they had on display. I could not get it to register with my Nexus 6 at all.
  • I got it to register my Nexus 6 but I had it on there for 10 minutes and I didn't see the battery go up by anything, not even 1% Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's because of the curved back. Terrible design for Qi charging, good for the hand I guess.
  • Can I connect the pad to a device instead of a wall charger
  • You can plug it into anything that can give you power over Micro USB. Just don't expect the charger to charge that fast if you have it plugged into something like a computer.
  • Great. Thanks
  • Or, if these idiot authors new anything about US pricing, you get 50% off ANY accessory via a flagship Galaxy purchase. The attention to detail, or lack thereof, shows you how isolated these people are. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oh I'm sorry I'm such an idiot. Just sitting here looking at my email inbox from last week... "Andrew, your gift for registering your Galaxy S 6!" I'm aware of the promotion. But that doesn't mean that this charger is $25. It's MSRP $50. We don't rate a product based on promotional rates or coupons, we rate it based on the price that anyone can go buy it at off the street, no strings attached.
  • Haha, Andrew, you're such an isolated idiot. Pay attention.
    (let me emphasize the /sarcasm tag here)
  • Since you are so quick to point out idiocy, let me inform you that your statement above is incorrect. The 50% off promotion is not on "ANY" accessory. It actually says very clearly "Offer excludes bundles, non-Samsung original products and accessories with an MSRP greater than $49.99."
  • I have a small portable Samsung charging pad that came as a kit with the back cover replacement for the S5, and it works well. The pads top surface is almost like faux leather, and I'm hoping that it will supply sufficient grip for use with the S6.
  • Wireless? What's that Wire coming off the side?
  • That wire connects the charger to a wall outlet. The "wireless" part comes between the phone and the charger.
  • It's a safety-line so that the radiation pressure from the Tesla-coil power supply doesn't blast the Qi mat across the room.
  • This is the proper response. Well done. BUT WIRELESS WHY IS THERE A WIRE WAAA Posted via the Android Central App
  • Glad I get one for free from Rogers ;) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Serious question: was there a technical reason they could not use a couple of magnets in the phone and the charger, the way Palm did with theirs? You put the phone on it, it snapped into place, not going anywhere by accident. Seems like it would have add very little weight, for the improved functionality it would have added.
  • I think nexus 5 had magnets.. but the problem had to do with different Qi chargers.. if the qi charger was too light.. the charger would be lifted with the phone. Thats why nexus qi charger had "sticky" on the bottom, to make it not move when taking the phone away. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Can't understand all the hoopla about the led light. Did no one previously have led alarm clocks in their rooms at night or maybe led display on a television cable/satellite box, because the way most carry on about the display from a phone or a little led light you would think they have slept in a sensory deprivation chamber their whole lives. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I personally don't have any other light in my bedroom... so having a charger with LEDs in the front that light up is actually quite distracting. And it's a good thing to point out considering that not all Qi chargers have LEDs on them (or aren't as bright) — you have a choice to have one that won't be annoying when trying to sleep.
  • Ikr Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5
  • I think this is the best looking wireless charger I've ever seen. And I'm not even this excited for the design of a charger before. Posted via Android Central App on a HTC One M7 running Sense 7.0
  • Y'all know that GS6 is also compatible with PMA charger? Duracell Powermat Bundle for iPhone 4 or Galaxy S3 is only $10 at Amazon. I got this info from the gs6 forum here. You will get a Charger (up to 2 devices simultaneously), a external battery (with wireless charging capability), and a case with built-in PMA receiver for iP4 or GS3. I ordered two, and people in the forum verified that it works great.
  • Yeah but pma needs to die. Qi has won Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • But then that Powermat charger won't work with any of my other phones, which are all Qi. Might just be me, but I also haven't seen a Powermat charger that isn't horribly ugly.
  • So does this work with other Qi enabled phones? I pre-ordered the S6 with this free from Best Buy, but I have an S3 with a Qi receiver.
  • Get a Powerbot off Amazon. Round, several colors, and rubber ring on front and back. It will not slide off that. $15 at most. Don't waste your money on the Sammy one. Posted via the Android Central App
  • yum
  • Hey Andrew (or anyone that knows), is there any reason to get these expensive charging pads over something like this for under $7?
  • Think the same rules apply as buying cheap charging cables or charging bricks... it's going to be poorly made and the electronics won't be great. Just don't expect it to last long and don't be surprised if it craps out early in its life.
  • Are Qi chargers worth getting? I have a Note 4 and saw they now have a Qi supported S-View cover, but I don't know if it's really worth buying the cover and a charger for the sake of using a Qi charger.
  • I had that cover on the note 3 and it really added a lot of thickness and considering how slow is the charging compared to this new quick charge for me it's just not worth the money - 40$ + 50$. via AC App on VZW Moto X DE/N7
  • Awesome, that's exactly what I was concerned about. Thank-you.
  • Nice while you sleep but QC 2.0 reigns supreme. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't think upgrading from my s5 to the s6 is worth it.
    Seems like just a waste of money.
    Didn't like the s5 too though. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I am using the RavPower (Model RP-WCN11) Qi Charger with 4800mAh Battery. Superb, works all the time and easy to take along if you might run out of power on the road.
  • are wireless chargers such as this in any way harmful to the longevity of the battery? Or is it basically the same as using a standard micro USB charger like most use (never used wireless before) Posted via Android Central App
  • Wireless charging isn't very efficient, and part of the deal is power being lost as heat in the charging process. Excess heat is bad for batteries in general... but it's hard to say that charging every day wirelessly will dramatically hurt your battery over the course of a couple years.
  • STUPID... There are so many (and there is a lot) QI chargers under $20.00 out there its stupid to buy something like this. Unless you just have money to burn. Posted via Android Central App
  • Some of the Qi brands appear to be risky. It's the Chinese knockoff gold rush. I'd rather not burn my house down so I rely on a name brand. IMO. Posted via the Android Central App
  • They shoulda used magnets like the Nexus charger.. Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5
  • For another $10 I'd rather have the TYLT VU QI wireless charging pad recommended here:
  • I get very annoyed by bright LEDs. At night my room lights up like the cockpit of an airplane due to random LED's. Wish companies would start including ways to shut these lights off
  • I assumed that not having a user replaceable battery meant no QI charging. This is cool.
  • Does it have a magnet to hold it in place? I like the Nexus 7 (2013) wireless charger which have a magnet to hold onto the Nexus 7. Wish there would be a QI standard to have magnets in matching patterns. Wish they were strong enough to hold it vertically on a wall or in a car. I've seen car magnet mounts but not one that is Qi compatible. The Nexus 7 one is barely strong enough to hold on wall but not very securely. A slight bump or door slam and it would fall off & forget about putting it in a case. Posted via the Android Central App
  • TYLT VU has terrible design...
  • Apologies if this is a silly question, but can you use a wireless charger if you have a case on your phone? My thought is having a layer between the back of the phone and the charger would impact its ability to charge, but I am hoping I am completely wrong about this. Thanks for any insight!
  • I have a hard plastic case on my Lg optimus g pro and it works fine with my china made qi charger pad ($6.00 for the pad) using it over a year now, and works great. Posted via Android Central App
  • QQ: I leave my S6 Edge on the TYLT wireless charging stand while I work. I noticed that when the phone becomes charged, it pauses wireless charging. Then starts again in a few minutes.... all great - but is there anyway to turn off the notification that this is happening? I need to be alerted to texts and emails and events by sound,... but I don't want to hear it cycle on and off the charger constantly!! Of course, every search I perform right now yields "reviews" and I can't find much configuration information - except here!! You guys are great about tagging "how to" for a new phone! Great article, keep it up guys!
  • Does it work through a case?
  • Is the pad supposed to work when you have a case on your phone. I got a thin Pt case, and it doesn't seem to work. Is it only certain cases? Is there a way to know before buying?
  • I have the s6 and the charger and was wondering if anyone knows what the flashing blue light means? I noticed it last night and not sure what it means. It's also very flaky with a case on, I've noticed that I have to put my phone on a specific way for it to recognize it, otherwise it's great.
  • Does not work with Moto 360. It charges up to 100%, but then the charger starts blinking. The watch stays in night clock mode, although the charging has stopped. This results in the battery being drained.
  • Or you could buy this cheaper compatible one -
  • Something interesting I noticed was that when I plug in the fast charger into the wireless charging pad, the indicator light is a lighter blue compared to the darker blue of the cable it comes with. Does it have some sort of effect on the charging speed? I don't know why it would have three different lights.
  • What's going on? My friend bought this charger. It saved her tablit witch was dead... That's all fine and dandy but her tablit is a NEXUS!!! I put my Samsung tablit witch is also dead as hers was on the charger to see if it will work...nothing. Try my phone. Nothing. What's going on?!
  • I just bought a Samsung S7 from Verizon. I am considering purchasing a pod charger.
    ANY suggestions on which brand would be the best compatible for the price?
  • Be aware that not all of these come with the brick and cable, in New Zealand none of these chargers come with the brick and the website states that you must use the charger that came with your phone, even though the price is the same: Slightly different models of the package: VS