Logitech Revue teardown

The Logitech Revue just came out, but it couldn't fend off the prying hands of the iFixit gang for long. After a disassembly that they rated 8 out of 10 (with 10 being easiest to open and repair), iFixit discovered a couple hardware specs that Logitech had not announced yet. Namely, the Google TV device is running off a 1.2GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, and has 5GB of NAND flash memory. These specs compare pretty favorably to the new Apple TV, leaving us to wonder why Logitech couldn't get that $299 price down to make it an impulse-buy for consumers. Any early adopters looking to tinker with their Revue should check out the step-by-step guide past the link, along with a detailed list of the hardware Logitech is using (hint: it shares a component with the Kin Two!). [iFixit

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