LG V40 specifications: 6.4-inch OLED, 3300mAh battery, 5 cameras

The LG V40 doesn't make a whole lot of changes from the G7 from earlier in the year, but where it does change it's for the better. You get a larger display, larger battery, a couple spec changes and new camera hardware to look forward to it LG's new V-series flagship.

Here's everything you'll find inside the LG V40.

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Operating systemAndroid 8.1 Oreo
Display6.4-inch OLED, 3120x1440 (19.5:9)
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 845
Rear camera 112MP, 1.4-micron, OIS, f/1.5, 78-degree lens, PDAF
Rear camera 216MP, 1-micron, f/1.9, 107-degree lens
Rear camera 312MP, 1-micron, f/2.4, 45-degree lens, 2X zoom
Front camera 18MP, f/1.9, 80-degree lens
Front camera 25MP, f/2.2, 90-degree lens
Connectivity802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, USB-C
AudioBoomBox speaker
3.5mm headphone jack
32-bit Quad DAC
ChargingQuick Charge 3.0, Fast wireless charging
Water resistanceIP68
SecurityOne-touch fingerprint sensor
Dimensions158.8 x 75.7 x 7.6 mm
169 g
ColorsAurora Black, Moroccan Blue (U.S.)
Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Looks good other than the battery...I am glad I didn't wait for the v40, and got the Note 9. Well into a 14 hour day so far and I still have 50% battery... can't imagine 3300mh battery doing that.
  • Yep the battery paired with the SD845 which has done worse in efficiency compared to the SD835 is a disappointment unfortunately. The V30 will smoke the V40 in this area.
  • Specs are great and would've been a direct contender with the Galaxy Note 9 Butttttttttt I am not sure about the battery :/ We'll see.
  • It does seem a bit small for a 6.4 inch device, but I guess that's the price of shoe horning 5 cameras in there for... Reasons.
  • Android Authority claims 4-5 hours SOT. Considering that I reached almost 9 on the V30, this is an immediate disappointment, especially given the larger screen. No LG, no.
  • Pretty poor showing if that's the case... 4 hours is way below average these days. I'm at 7 on my OnePlus 5 at the moment... I might use my phone too much lol. And those aforementioned cameras will gulp juice down. 3 cameras taking photos at once is a cool feature that probably uses about 2% per shot!
  • Exactly. You'd think LG would go up to at least 3750 mAh, knowing full well that Samsung would finally hit the magic 4000 mAh. And only 64GB? I pass, no matter how much I love the quad DAC.
  • Yo why the baby battery???
  • Is 64GB the only storage option? And if so, can someone tell LG it's Q4 2018? Looks like a nice phone, but it does seem they're compromising some of the basics for the sake of the frills.
  • It will be priced well under the Note 9.
  • It will be priced well under the Note 9. It would have been a disaster trying to compete with the Note 9, given limited carrier support.
  • "802.11ac Wi-Fi" I think they mean Wi-Fi 5
  • Wifi 5 just came out. No phone supports it yet.
  • Many consumer's have waited all year for the V40 & pixal XL. I think both releases will disappoint many people. Both with notches, no thanks!
  • Yes it seems that way. I was really considering the v40 but that battery is too small. What a shame. I had battery problems with my v10 and now my note8 is slowly getting worse.
  • Just announced today and already an after thought. Sigh...I was really hoping this would be something special
  • Same.
  • Typical LG. Always looking for one "silver bullet" feature instead of everything being well rounded. There's no reason to buy this over Samsung, Huawei, or OnePlus.
  • Yeah I was talking myself into the V40 all week over the 1+6 or 6T and LG totally pushed me back to 1+. Small battery, all color options not available, and the price is too damn high.
  • Yes there is, how about the best DAC on a portable device
  • That's no enough to compensation for everything it doesn't do well
  • I would buy P20 Pro over any phone, or the Mate 20.
    LG are lost
  • Small battery, Downgraded Quickcharge 3.0, no Android P, 64 and 128GB of Storage and SD card only expandable to 512GB. WTF LG I thought I would get a better Phone than last year but by the looks of this aside from the extra RAM, Processor, and Camera, I am getting the same phone as the LG V30 which I already have. My LG V30 has 64 GB of storage, has the same battery life and Can expand its memory up to 2 TB. My wife who has a LG G6 for sure will wait for the LG G8 or maybe the new Pixel 3.
  • How many micro SD cards larger than 512GB are on the market now? None. How many are expected to be during the life of this phone? Probably none.
  • A quick Google search reveals that 512 gigabyte micro SD cards exist now... PNY brand & Kingston
  • Huge screen, small battery
  • Pass. No material upgrade from my V30. May be even a downgrade. And that battery! Meh.
  • Given limited carrier support, they chose to compete based on price with a few specs that aren't top of class. Sales would have been a disaster with higher specs and price. The highest price and spec market, globally, is very limited.
  • Eg. Shipments of the Note 9 are only 5 million, vs 12 million for the Note 8. Note 8 sales were higher given the Note 7 mess.
  • It seems like lg just has no idea what to do with there phone division
  • Nothing too impressive, especially the battery, quite a shame LG always missing something important.
  • Really appreciate this fair and balanced review Andrew.
  • Trying to find Sth tempting me extraordinarily, cams! No
    But the light weight and presence of the FM radio. 😽
  • Tiny battery. At this point it competes with Note. Price diff. btw S9 Plus and note 9 is non-factor in this pricing segment. Offers nothing comparable to the massive battery life disparity and S Pen/DeX features; not can they mat Samsung's device/accessory ecosystem. Bad pricing, IMO. Should be a $799-849 device. They're bad with support, as well...