LG on Track to Make Android Phones

We already knew that LG was planning to bring multiple Android Phones to the market but it's always nice to hear a reminder. LG's President of Mobile Business Ahn Seung-kwon recently stated that they plan to overtake Samsung and become the #2 cellphone manufacturer in the world by 2012 (we're assuming Nokia is #1). In order to do this they'll release phones for both Android and Windows Mobile, a new 'Black label' series of phones which will directly compete with the iPhone, another Prada phone, and create an extreme premium brand.

We don't know about you guys, but in order to become the #2 cellphone manufacturer in the world, LG will certainly need more 'everyday' phones targeted for the mass market. A lot of those devices seem to be focused for the high-end. And that's where we guess Android fits in, to provide LG with affordable smartphones running a great (and free) desktop-class mobile OS. We fully expect more LG Android phones in the near future.

And oh LG, if you didn't know, Samsung already announced their first Android phone. What do you have?


Casey Chan