LG Revolution promo materials hitting stores

While we're still waiting on official word for exactly when the LG Revolution will launch on Verizon -- it's one of the phones announced way back at CES almost five months ago (see our first-look) -- word on the street is that we could see it this Thursday, May 26. We just got sent this picture of in-store promo materials and a dummy unit, so it certainly looks like things are getting close, eh?

To refresh: The Revolution is LG's 4.3-inch Android 2.2 device with a 1GHz Qualcomm processor and 5MP camera. It's an LTE-capable device and can act as a Wifi hotspot for up to eight devices.

Phil Nickinson
  • No 8MP camera? that is disappointing
  • High Mega-pixels doesn't equal high quality 5mp is fine as long as the rest of the optical components are high quality.
  • so true
  • It's like Best Buy sales reps. All they know is MP. More MP means better pic to them. It's kinda silly that people expect a sensor the fraction of the size to a DSLR to produce stunning pics.
  • Verizon really needs to release a Dual core 4G phone soon. I wish the Bionic/Terga was ready for market. It's silly that AT&T is going to have the beast of a phone the HTC Holiday soon and VZW is still releasing android 2.2 single core. They really need to have a flagship phone again.
  • targa*
  • Did they design this in a universe where Apple packaging doesn't exist?* *I'm jus' sayin'...† †I'm ardent Android user and avid Mac fan
  • yawn...
  • Ooooh Yea.......Bing! Wish the Revolution would have been given the G2x's OS.
  • Don't care about 5mp vs 8mp. When will they finally disclose how much RAM? ...or have they already?