LG Pad on its way in Q1, to ship with Honeycomb?

Last we heard, LG was halting plans for a tablet until they were able to incorporate a better fit for tablets version of Android OS. A quote from a senior official at LG suggests that the device may be on its way in Q1 2011, Honeycomb and all. 

The tablet, named the LG Pad by the official, will reportedly be shipped with a dual-core Tegra 2 chip and also an 8.9-inch screen. 

We'd be lying if we said we weren't intrigued by the sound of this device, especially that dual-core Tegra 2 chip. The prospect of Honeycomb shipping in Q1 is also interesting, considering the fact that we haven't received an official announcement about Gingerbread, the iteration before Honeycomb. That would be a quick spotlight for Gingerbread to enjoy; not that we'd complain if Honeycomb came earlier than expected. [MK News via Engadget]

Sean Brunett