LG Optimus One benchmarks [video]

LG didn't just send us an Optimus One because they think we're awesome.  They want us to show it off, especially its not-so-entry-level specs and speed. (Maybe they think we're awesome as well.)  LG calls the Optimus line "transitional smartphones," meaning that they're perfect for those transitioning from a feature or messaging phone to a modern smartphone.  I think they have surpassed that.  The Optimus One is a solid phone -- in build quality, hardware, and as you'll see after the break, benchmarks.

Of course, your phone may get higher benchmarks.  And if it's top-shelf, it should, as it's probably twice the price, and made for the first-adopter types like us, who need unicorn tears and shiny.  The Optimus One is not the Droid X, or the T-Mobile G2, but as LG points out it's the Volkswagen Beetle of the Android world.

I'm still in the process of playing evaluating the Optimus One, but if what I've experienced so far is typical, I'm ready to recommend it to any first-time smartphone buyer, and hope its US counterparts are comparable.  Benchmarking video after the break.

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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