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LG Optimus 2X, posing as a German Optimus Speed, gets a 20-minute hands-on

We're all greatly awaiting the arrival of the LG Optimus 2X, which is one of the first phones to rock a dual-core Tegra 2 processor. In the meantime, the official German LG blog has posted up a 20-minute hands-on video of the German version, the Optimus Speed. Our German's a little rusty, but the rough translation is something like "Holy crap this thing is awesome." Or at least that's what we figure is being said. (Actually, we're told it mentions that it'll be available in Germany in March or April, and that it has dual internal storage, much like the Droid Incredible.) Check out the video after the break. [ via] Thanks, Jojo!

  • Verizon really missed out not having this on their LTE network. Instead, we get a stripped down version of this phone w/o the Tegra 2. Ugh.
  • AAAAANNNDDDDD.....he put a Task Killer ON IT!!!!!
  • Unless you play really high resource games I am not sure what this phone will do for you that any current phone won't do other than have early adopter bragging rights. My phone flips through screens and everything he was doing and does it just as fast and smooth. I believe it will be the second round of dual core phones before they have any advantage over single core phones due to app development time and adoption rate of the phones to make development worthwhile. How the phone looks, whether it has good notification capabilities and how easy it will be to root are more important to me than how it plays high end games. Having said that, this phone does look nice. Though the back is a little weird.
  • Unless you play really high resource games I am not sure what this phone will do for you that any current phone won't do other than have early adopter bragging rights. With that kind of thinking we would all still be running computers with 286 processors. Its not JUST that you can do things faster, (and No, your phone can't keep up with that phone), its about what isn't even available today due to limited processor capability. You have to have the hardware first, then the applications (and not just GAMES) can be written.
  • I am curious what sorts of applications might most benefit from such a dual core processor as the ones found in the motorola atrix and the lg optimus 2x other than games and watching very large movie files. I suppose you could run more powerful native applications - word processors, photo manipulation tools, video editing tools - but I honestly can't imagine that there is a very large number of people who would do very many of the more time consuming and processor intensive activities we do on the computer on their phone. Or, at the very least, they wouldn't do them so intensively that they'd need, say, a full copy of adobe lightroom on their phone as opposed to just simple editing tools such as those already available. Seriously, do most people even need these intensive applications on their computers when all they do is surf the internet? That's a question for another day though.
    I, like most people interested in buying an android phone today, am interested in the practical uses of having a phone with a dual core processor. Speaking in purely practical terms on how I can envision wanting to use my phone in the future - and also taking points from how I use my computer today - I can't imagine a dual core processor benefiting mine or the majority of phone users' normal use cases by any substantial measure. But, then again, I don't play very many games or have any desire to watch high resolution movie files on my phone.
    Sorry for the essay.
  • I wish more people did 20 minute reviews. I really enjoy knowing everything about the phone before diving in.
  • it is somehow, laggy on a few occasions (esp the browser and the homescreen when he goes from the apps). and it appears it has an internal sd card instead of a flash chip if i understood it correctly ... seems to be rather disappoingint slowly =/ esp comparing it to the motorola atrix
  • This phone needs a silicon skin to make sure that the cameral lens does not get scratched.
  • Best F*cking part, the "WITH GOOGLE" on the back...
  • Love the high screen resolution. That is the only thing I wish the TB had.