LG V30 may include pressure-sensitive haptics like the Galaxy S8

LG's next flagship, the V30, is set to be announced at this year's IFA on August 31. LG has a tendency to slowly drip out details in the weeks prior to a big announcement, and the V30 is no exception.

LG has announced it would use technology from Immersion Corporation, a company focusing on haptic technology. The partnership is said to produce an innovative touch experience on LG's upcoming device.

TouchSense, the technology in question, is said to enable device makers to provide "high-quality, power-efficient tactile effects that enhance the user experience for mobile apps and device UI." It'll be interesting what user interface decisions LG incorporates into its version of Android to accommodate and highlight this feature. This could end up being similar to the 3D Touch-like feature expected in the Galaxy Note 8, which in turn may be a more advanced take on the pressure-sensitive home button found in the Galaxy S8.

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Tom Westrick