round and round

We've seen that the LG G3 is likely to have a cover that leaves a stylish circular gap through which you can glance at the upcoming smartphone's screen, but what goes in there? A few leaked screenshots show clocks, pedometer information, incoming text messages and calls, and a way to hop between all of them.

Clearly circular interfaces are on the upswing what with Android Wear inching towards primetime. Though it's great to see what is reportedly coming from LG, I'm just as eager to see if third parties will be able to build their own quick window widgets. As is, HTC still isn't yet working with developers to make their own Dot View screens (at least officially), but there's a whole realm of possibility here that builds beyond simple lock screen widgets.

What would you guys like to be able to access through the LG G3's swanky circular cover?

Source: @evleaks