The HTC One M8 Dot View Case

An innovative case for your HTC One M8, with one major flaw

HTC's got a pretty intriguing phone in the new HTC One M8 — be sure to read our review — and it's got a pretty intriguing case (opens in new tab) to go along with it. The Dot View case does a few things at once. First and foremost, it protects your phone in that folio style that everyone seems to be doing these days. And it does so while still allowing information to come through, and while allowing you to interact with your phone, but in a much different way.

A magnet on the front cover of the case (it's hidden behind the HTC logo) enables the case mode. And once the phone recognizes what's going on, it'll flash the time and weather on the display — and it looks like a series of dots shining through — when you hit the power button or double-tap on the front. Very cool. Adjust the volume with the flap closed, and you'll see that, too. Get a phone call? You'll see who's calling, and you can swipe up or down to accept or reject the call. Or, just hold the phone up to your ear — with the case still closed — to take the call. Swipe to launch voice dialing, too. Pretty cool stuff.

It works by displaying what looks like 8-bit images on your screen. But with the cover closed, all you see is dots. Very cool stuff. HTC has also released the Dot View app into Google Play (opens in new tab), so it can update this functionality without requiring a complete system update.

In July 2014, HTC updated the Dot View app to include theming, which lets you add a wallpaper to the Dot View experience. You can choose from one of the 18 included images, or use your own. HTC also added some more functionality to phone calls and notifications.

The case itself is a sort of soft-touch rubber, and it feels decent enough. We've found typing to be a little tough when you flip the cover around to the back, however, since it's flat, but the back of the phone is curved. Then there's the issue of price: $49.99 isn't cheap, even for cool dots.

The Dot View case is initially available in gray but will later come in Warm Black, Imperial Blue, Orange Popsicle, Atlantis and Baton Rouge. You can order a Dots View case directly from HTC{.nofollow}, and it's available now from (opens in new tab).

For the Dots View Case and more HTC One (M8) cases and accessories (opens in new tab), keep it locked to (opens in new tab).

Phil Nickinson
  • Lol @ 50$. Pass. Posted via Android Central App
  • Honestly, it's on the same price range as most Nexus accessories from Google and has a lot better functionality and build quality. I'd pay $50 just for the coolness factor alone.
  • Me too Posted via Android Central App
  • I got mine in a bundle from Verizon. Also included was screen protectors and either a car or house charger. cost was $60 for all.
  • I'm sure you'll be able to buy a knock-off on Ebay pretty soon at a fraction of the price.
  • Or just wait a month and buy the official case at a fraction of the price. When my SO bought her S4 Verizon wanted 70 bucks for the case with a window, a couple months later and the same case was a lightening deal for like 15 bucks.
  • These things are always overpriced, always! I wouldn't pay more than $30 max for something like this! Posted via Android Central App
  • Sold out, or too soon?
  • I'm guessing too soon.
  • So I assume the entire screen is being turned on as opposed to the Moto X?
  • Yeah I wish we had more info on how the lighting works.
  • m8 doesnt have an amoled display so yes, it is
  • Not quite the whole screen, head over to Droid-Life and see their video and you'll catch how it's being done as he opens and closes it.
  • But with an LCD screen, you can't selectively backlight part of the screen, right? It's on or off. (Unlike AMOLED, where black pixels draw zero power, even when the screen is on.)
  • I just played with one at the Verizon store and the whole screen indeed comes on. Posted via Android Central App
  • wow, shouldnt have any impact on your battery life.....
  • S view > dots -------------------------------------------
    You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you
  • Yeah. I kind of like this. I think it's cool-looking, and it's definitely eye-catching and unique. But once the novelty value wears off, I'm sure I'd find myself wanting access to more information that it can display like this.
  • Can you talk to the dots?
    New pick up 10 Spring Street. Can the dots talk back?
    Spring Street. Roger that
  • Whos agitating my dots?
    You agitating my dots?
  • Sview is definitely more useful with the information it can show but the dots definitely look cooler. The whole setup is very eye catching in person. I'd take either really. Posted via Android Central App
  • No doubt but I will take function over form any day -------------------------------------------
    You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you
  • Depends on what you're talking about. Form factor is #1 on my list for phones. Moto x baby Posted via Android Central App
  • What's the back look/feel like Phil? In the Verizon store I went to, it had a rectangular hole in the back. I assumed that was for the security attachment, but just checking. Posted via Android Central App
  • Plastic. And the hole is for a microphone. Posted via Android Central App
  • For some reason i thought this was the back of the case when the leaked photos came out. And that would be sweet to see track info and notifications with the screen down. Now that it's just a hipster version of the sview, meh. Sent from my bathroom
  • A poor hipsters sview -------------------------------------------
    You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you
  • Nonexus to claim Samsung is better on an HTC thread what a surprise. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well, he is right. This looks fun, but the technical limitations of LCD makes it less useful.
  • Plus it's not 1985. It's different, but not really in a good way. Sent from my bathroom
  • But it is what it is, he didn't need to come on to an HTC thread to say that Samsung blah blah, I have the window case for my lg g2 but I never use it it's boring where is this case for HTC looks really cool and fun if they would have copied the s view then every Sammy fanboy would be on here bashing it so they are trying to be be similar but different. Posted via Android Central App
  • Sad since Samsung stole the S-view idea from LG. Posted via Android Central App
  • This is actually pretty creative. I give an 8 to htc! Posted via Android Central App
  • 8 for 8-bit graphics? :) (Seriously though, I think it actually is a neat idea. It's not for everyone, but I'd probably get it if I was getting the HTC One)
  • No, an 8 out of 10 for creativity. Instead of adding a small window, they made lots of little dots! Posted via Android Central App
  • Kinda cool, but not $50 cool. Besides, I am one of those that carries my phone in my front pocket if I am up and moving about. I see this getting caught up in your pocket getting it in and out.
  • Such an ugly case for such a beautiful phone.
  • Has to be one of he coolest uses of a phone case I've ever seen. HTC, welcome back! Finally.
  • Called it. Just sayin'...
  • I have a note 2 and i returned the folio case because it impeded taking landscape photos easily. In order to do so youd need to hang the cover down and it was just annoying. Guessing its the same thing?
  • Had the same problem with the folio case on my N2. Plus, if you use a car mount, the folio case is a complete PITA.
  • I personally love the look and feel of this case.
    I've had the G2 Folio Case w/ window that LG made as well as a Samsung S-View case and I gotta say I got rid of them pretty quickly after.
    This 8bit feel brings me that retro aspect and looks awesome at the same time as well as being useful.
    I'll definitely be getting one. Glad to see someone doing something a little different.
  • No pics with the case open? C'mon Phil!
  • There are pics in the slideshow.
  • this is an antiquated inferior solution given today's Gorilla Glass and Motorola's Active Notifications.
  • Gorilla glass can still have its day ruined by a grain of sand, I stopped depending solely on GG a long time ago. Posted via Android Central App
  • True story. I had a lovely little scratch on my Note 2, right where I used the stylus to pull down the notification drawer. I can only imagine that it was from a tiny piece of silica on the tip of the stylus.
  • OK. This is too freaking sick. I'm getting it when I get my M8. But what happens if you need to take a picture? Would the front cover get in the way?
  • Has to hang down. Sent from my bathroom
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  • Looks cool. Awesome idea. N3 via AC App
  • I wish the dots were on the back of the case as I can't stand flip cases.
  • Looks worse then the back of the gs5 Posted via Android Central App
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • The only type of case i would put on this phone would be a bumper style case. I do not want to hide that beautiful aluminum finish. Unless you get the fugly gold one and then any Otterbox case is perfect.
  • Same way I feel about the white version of the N5. Posted via Android Central App
  • Cheaper than Samsung's Posted via Android Central App
  • I hate cases, but this one is pretty cool.
  • I like the 8-bit graphics without the cover. Pretty neat. Put some NES ringtones too :P
  • Please Phil, can u make a video of it ? Posted via Android Central App
  • Baton Rogue, burgundy; tomayto, tomahto!
  • that case is awesome Posted via Android Central App
  • probably only accessory available for HTC ONE, besides isn't their metal design selling point? why would someone put a case?
  • I like it. It's not the most practical when comparing what Sammy has, but I think it's way cooler, even if it does make me sound hipsterish. Plus, I mean it's still innovative in a sense. Posted via Android Central App using the brilliant HTC One. Also I like bananas.
  • While I'll grant you that it is different and interesting, it's not actually original. Been done before now.
  • Incredibly cool and just brilliant! Who thinks of that???!!!
  • That is a joke. The holes will be filled with pocket lint in no time. Also like others have said I'm sure the entire screen is turning on to display the time and weather. Battery drain fail!! Posted via Android Central App
  • The display power usage should be no different than what is currently done to unlock or awake a device. I guess the S-view case is a battery drain too eh? Who knew. Posted via Android Central App
  • If only the case added wireless charging.
  • So you come out with the top-of-the line feel in the phone itself and waste R&D on some plastic case that covers it and makes it look like a 1965 toy? SMH.
  • well done HTC. another BB10-like gesture. DOH!
  • the price would go down soon enough, but what i am hoping is someone can make the dots do more.
  • How about battery life since it's an lcd display...?
  • Copy of alcatel led case Nexus 5 black 32gb
  • Saw it in the store. It looks and feels like a cheap and still overpriced $10 case. How anyone would use this on a beautiful device such as the M8 is beyond me. Posted via Android Central App
  • Your right....the only thing I'll put on my m8 is probably a screen protector. Nexus 5 black 32gb
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  • overpriced! from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)
  • Your link goes to a phone not a case. No where on the HTC Site do I find a "GRAY" dot view case. Their website doesn't show that color as an option, and all the other colors are sold out. Do you have a better link to the GRAY Case that your article says is available now?
  • It's 45 at Verizon plus you get your corporate discount. Only 29 for me, for example.
  • Same here ,mine Is coming tomorrow. Posted via Android Central App
  • It looks cool, but I don't understand the appeal of the folio case. It seems like it would get in the way every time you want to use the phone. It's got to be a pain to use the phone one-handed with the case.
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  • So, what is the major flaw? Is it the price or the tough typing with the cover open part?
  • Comment posted before video. Thanks, Phil!
  • Haven't looked at the specs on the new one. But I'm pretty sure they didn't start using LEDs on there phone screens. So while it looks cool, remember your phone screen is fully lit up. Now on an LED screen this would save some power. Posted via Android Central App
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  • If we Swype in our text, I would thing the folded over back would be less bothersome than all that tapping. Who taps anymore? : - )
  • What was the "major flaw"?
  • guys put phones in our pockets so those dots need to be flush to keep crap out of them.
  • Picked up the Dot View case. It's more annoying than beneficial. You can't type on the phone when you open it, taking photos is very awkward, the door doesn't seem to lock in any way, meaning it gets snagged a lot when you're pulling it out of your's more of a hindrance than a benefit. I'm going to return it this weekend.
  • its funny i just posted after you, and we have the same exact qualms with this thing. definitely annoying
  • i already plan on taking mine back unfortunately. the top part doesnt stay flat to the screen anymore, and to take pictures/video is more of a hassle than anything. the case itself isnt much of a case, its so thin, and so many gaps on the sides of the phone minus the corners to keep it in place. im going with a $10 case off amazon thats going to actually protect it. just my opinion.
  • I hope that someone comes up with an old school tetris game that you can play with the cover. That would be cool!
  • I'm worried about it not being able to sit flush when opened because of the curved back of the phone. Anyone that has the case care to offer their opinion. I think I will get one, but looking at Phil's video, that could be a deal breaker for me.
  • Just want to pre-warn people if you change the DPI settings on the M8 it will screw up the function of the dot matrix view.
  • Love that case, very stylish.
  • 25.00 plus tax for ATT with my work discount.
  • do not buy if you plan on using a shatterproof screen protector ! the htc logo in the middle holds a weak magnet which turns the screen into a od school large font which can be seen through the thin cells ( holes ) but with a thicker screen protector the magnet seems not to work ! good thing about this protector is that it snaps to closed pretty quick so helps protect the screen if u drop it ! also this does not sit flush closed which is a shame and is a pain in the arse on calls as it wont fold over the back well !
  • Junk accumulation seems like a real bad issue. Those tiny dots are just asking for residual dirt. Other than that, it's a really smart idea.
  •, m8 case for only $12.57-$18.
  • A CSR at our local AT&T store said that he had the case and found that the bend in the flap started tearing prematurely. Nice concept though. I just picked it up for $12 --