LG's brand new Android flagship puts an enormous, insanely sharp display in the palm of your hand

It was only a matter of time. The implacable march of smartphone progress has brought us a handset with more pixels than most HDTVs. The LG G3, LG's much-leaked follow-up to last year's G2, was announced today at events in London, New York and San Francisco. It's a phone which pushes the boundaries of smartphone screen size and resolution, while building on other areas of the G2's hardware.

LG joins a high-end Android market overflowing with strong competitors from the likes of HTC, Sony and local rival Samsung, but the Korean manufacturer will be hoping the G3's stand-out feature — that ridiculously large, super-high-res display — will turn heads when the phone launches this summer.

So now that we have the G3 in our hands, does it shape up? Head past the break for hands-on video, photos and our first impressions.