If you're one of the growing number of folks getting into 360-degree photography and you're rocking an LG 360 CAM, know this: There's a hefty firmware update awaiting you.

And this deserves separate mention here not because of what you get in the update — frankly, we don't know; it just says something about "Android OS update," which kinda doesn't make much sense — but because you have to update the LGR105 (that's its designator) differently than you will the other "Friends" in the LG G5 ecosystem.

So. Here's what's up.

LG 360 CAM

You'll need the LG Bridge app. It's available for Mac and Windows (I happened to use Windows 10 this time around). Plug in your camera, head over to the "Software update" section, and let it do its thing. This actually isn't a new update — dated April 25. But since there's no on-phone update mechanism or anything, I hadn't bothered to check.

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The update took me about 25 minutes (most of that was in download time) and weighed in at more than 400MB. That seems like a lot for a camera of this sort. Or not. Like I said — we don't really know what's new. But we do know that we're now at software version R10510e.