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The 'bezel-less' Lenovo Z5 has been announced — with a notch and chin

Last week, Lenovo sent out a press invite for an event in Bejing where it would be announcing its latest Android phone — the Z5. The Z5 was being promoted as a truly all-screen phone, with teaser images from Lenovo showing a gadget with a front that was all display with no bezels in sight.

Lenovo just announced the Z5, and sure enough, the phone has both a notch at the top of its screen and a chin at the bottom.

The Z5 that we have is quite a bit different from what Lenovo was hyping up, with the final product looking like every other Android phone from 2018 instead of a magical glimpse into the future of mobile tech.

What Lenovo was teasing (left) vs. what we actually got (right).

What Lenovo was teasing (left) vs. what we actually got (right).

Even with that being said, the Z5 does have some redeeming qualities. For what it's worth, the notch is narrower than the one found in the iPhone X and the 6.2-inch 19:9 display boasts a screen-to-body ratio of 90%.

Under the hood, the Lenovo Z5 is packing an unnamed Qualcomm processor, 3,300 mAh battery, 6GB RAM, and 64GB or 128GB of internal storage. Around back, you'll find dual 16MP cameras.

You'll be able to purchase the Z5 in China starting June 12, with the 64GB model costing around $200 and the 128GB version going for about $280.

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  • So essentially, everything they hyped was an absolute lie. Nice. I don't see why they would do that, seems like a great phone for the price, no need to blatantly lie about its features.
  • That's how a lot of Chinese companies are over exaggerate and over hype to get attention and etc
  • It's called guerilla marketing. Basically when you don't have much to lose, go ham to get as much attention as possible. Works for the likes of Lenovo with their 3 percent market share, where as it'd be horrible for Samsung or Apple.
  • Guerrilla marketing is about using exciting new methods of advertising to get the target audience hyped up about the exciting new product. It isn't about lying at all
  • What a weird move, why build up hype for something they cannot produce
  • No bad for $200.00. looks like a great back up phone. Or just a media device
  • Seems like Lenovo doesn't understand the concept of under promise and over deliver.
  • Why would they lie like this? If you are expecting the phone they hyped up and then were shown the phone they delivered would you really go through with the sale? It's just another ugly Apple copycat.
  • Rounded displays and notches need to die already.
  • Yep. The rounded corners at the bottom just make the bottom bezel bigger - why would they think that's an improvement. If they're going to round them, then just a slight rounding to avoid a sharp corner (though a square corner's fine). Rounded corners like on the bottom of this phone are taking a design that's supposed to make the corners flush with the corners of the body and perverting them into just a useless extension of the bezel. As far as notches go - fine. Put in a notch if you want. Then provide the ability to either keep the 'extra' bits of screen black - with, or without moving the notifications there. Hopefully that flexibility will be built in to Android P, and folks that buy notched phones this year will (if Treble lives up to its promise) have the option to 'have it their way' next year.
  • Did they ever actually show an image of no notch? The images that I seen they were hiding the notch so was there another pic they released that showed no notch?
  • This very article shows the side by side teaser image without the notch. It shows about half of the top left corner of the phone. It shows the first two digits of the clock. In comparison to the actual device where you can see half of the notch on that portion of the screen. The only way for the teaser image to be accurate is if they took a screenshot(or rendering of it) and moved the UI elements further to left than they would normally be. While they could technically claim that they never showed the portions of the phone that had the chin/notch, the position of the UI elements give a frame of reference that would imply to any reasonable person that there isn't a notch. This isn't something that happens accidentally.
  • At least they got free advertising and buzz with this deception. Though they deserve to be sued :)
  • Lol, on what grounds?
  • It's called false advertisement. And yes, anyone with half a brain should see that this should qualify as such. I explained it in another response more fully. The only way for the teaser image to not show the notch would be if they intentionally moved the UI elements to the left of where they are located in the final release images, thus not requiring them to capture the top center of the phone.
  • Thats a big Le-No-No Lenovo.... I do have to say I like my Lenovo tablet I bought last year for bedside reading though.
  • LMFAO that's unbelievable.
  • Burn it in the pits of phone hell
  • I think the device is pretty nice looking for a budget one at that. But what else will they lie about? Why did they lie like that, it doesn't make any sense, makes it very difficult to trust them.
  • Wasn't this the one that was supposed to have 40+ day battery standby life, and five new patents that were going to change everything?
  • Don't forget the 4 terrabytes of storage /s
  • Not much to see here...
  • Really (this is lenovo) '' hey let's make a phone with a notch and tell everybody it's a bezeless display phone. It'll just be a white lie.nobody will ever know..... '' Oh wow lenovo.
  • WTF does this idiot Chang Cheng think...playing with Indian sentiments....1.2 b population.......ur joke will b. ****** back.... Chinese are ass holes
  • Was waiting for this ****..... unfortunately this proves to be a ****...... booking 1+ 6 silk white....let Chang Cheng suck his z5
  • The whole marketing team for the Z5 needs to find another line of work.
  • If they advertised this as a phone with a notch that would've made more sense because the notch loving idiots would buy it. However they aimed it at people like me that hate notches. What good will that do you? On top of the lying. Who wants to buy a product from a massive liar?!
  • Omg notches are do hideous. Thank you, apple, for starting something so revolting.
  • hey i know complete bezeless phone was a lie but they said 40+ days battery life and 4TB internal storage and turns out its cheap budget smartphone lenovo needs to be sued
  • Listen guys they did a brilliant move:
    They don't have enough money to fund advertising and they're small company most people haven't heard of(im talking about their mobile division) so how you advertise your upcoming phone without spending money?. You create hype (4tb phone.... Full body screen ratio.. Blah blah) now thats how you got the people attention and it worked (news about their new announced phone are everywhere at mobile tech news)
    P. S
    Great value for money the 636 is more then capable for everyday use...
  • « For what it's worth, the notch is narrower than the one found in the iPhone X «  It is worthless .... it is still a notch without face id or symmetrical bezels all around